The Crew

Shawn - Founder, Admin, Reviewer, Interviewer
Favorite Bands - Limbonic Art, Dimension F3H, V:28, Ancestral Legacy
Favorite Sub-Genre - Black Metal, Melodic Death, Thrash
Drink of Choice - Jack and Coke, Anything with caffeine

Eddie - Admin and Metal Guru
Favorite bands: W.A.S.P., Emperor, Opeth, Testament, Helloween, Rapture, Cradle Of Filth, Anathema, Anorexia Nervosa, The Gathering, Novembre
Favorite Sub-Genres: Melodic Death, Melodic Black
Drinks of Choice: Rum & Coke, Beer, Coca Cola, Apple Juice, Norwegian still water

Bert - Admin and Reviewer

Favorite Band: Oingo Boingo
Though it isn't metal, this was my first favorite band. I had started out with old 1930's serial shows, 1930-1940s Jazz tunes, moved onto some of 70's country music, and finally settling into the modern music style of the late 80s. I was frequently involved with the local radio station at that time KJQ, my first record was DEVO Freedom Of Choice. My foray into metal was 1990, with Anthrax's Persistence of Time record. That thing never left my cassette player, after that the world expanded for me.

Favorite Sub-Genre: Dark Metal
This section I think is where my heads at. Its slow, very melodic, using intricate drumming, all with decent production. Bethlehem's record Dark Metal I believe started this genre in 1994. Though its taken some time to seat current bands whom employ this style are Novembers Doom, and Katatonia.
Drink Of Choice: Jager (shots)

Kitteh - Our Biggest Fan! 
Favorite Band - Primordial
Favorite Sub-Genre: Anything Hard! 
Drink of Choice: Anything colorful! and umbrellas are nice! 
Favorite Food: Cuppiecakez! 
Other things Kitteh Likes: Rainbows and Glitter! 
And gettin muh tan on! 

More to come soon....


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