The Metal Militia

This page is a shrine to those who love the site. We love you guys! Without you we wouldn't be here. If you'd like your picture added to this page simply e-mail your picture to vinternetter@hotmail.com. And don't forget if you'd like your facebook, myspace, or anything else linked be sure to send the url with the picture. But to prevent spam just make sure it's only one link please. :)

I don't always metal, but when I do i'm more metal than you.

Danielsan - We'll miss you brother! 

Megz - Our Favorite Sheila

Mars - Our Metal Sister

MistaSmoke - Our favorite Metal Fisherman!
"Auds Pullin"

Pablo - Spawned a love child with Shawn.
"Still has not received any child support"

Penny - Metal Feet! 

Xhelnaga - Metal Pirate! 
"It's ok if you're gay bro, you still rock!" 

Nokie - The Metal Nurse! 

Easy E - Americas most Illegal Metalhead

Foxxy - Metal Canadian... eh?
"Peanut ftw!" 


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