Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mayhem - Review - Grand Declaration of War

Alright! Another good album to review, I've been pretty lucky here lately with my reviews and this one is no exception.

Mayhem is a Legendary band from the Norwegian black metal scene. I'm not about to give you a history lesson in this review. But let's just say if you have not heard this band before SHAME ON YOU!

Grand Declaration Of War was released in 2000, and In my opinion it is their greatest album so far. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy all their work thusfar. But this album just sticks out to me. I have a hard on for spoken word vocals in metal. and Maniacs spoken word on this album is fucking amazing. Really has a "Regal" feel to it. Now on the flipside. as much as I enjoy Maniacs spoken word dialog. His Black Metal vox is inferior to Attila's.

Tracks like "View from Nihil 1&2" "In the lies where upon you lay" and "A Time to Die" are the stand out tracks on this album. But in all actuality the entire album is pretty fucking awesome.

But I do have a few cons for this album. Firstly the track "A Bloodsword and a Colder Sun Part 2" is rather bland and boring. And lets be honest who the hell wants to hear Mayhem doing Techno? I think it's pretty terrible.

Also like I mentioned earlier, Maniacs black metal vocals are pretty "meh" I wouldn't say they are bad. But they are vastly inferior to Atilla. And well they can be pretty redundant on this album. All in all I think I'd prefer this album is Maniac did spoken word the entire time. His spoken word dialog is amazing.

But with those cons, I still believe this is my favorite album by Mayhem. Just something about it sticks out in my head. The music here is absolutely top notch.



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