Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising (Review)

Ok, I've been dreading this review since last week. I am a Huge fan of Amon Amarth, But have been pretty bored with the albums after "With Oden on our Side" Why you ask? Well, This band makes some amazing music. That's without question, But ALL their music sounds the same. 

With Oden on our Side, Was Brutally amazing. Loved the album and still love it to this day. But with "Surtur Rising" they STILL aren't doing anything new. 

Same sound, Same vocals, and if you have to much of the same thing, I don't care what band you are IT GETS BORING! 

The album starts off with the track, "War of the Gods" and you know if i hadn't had known this was the brand new album i never would have guess. The riff sounds JUST like shit they had on "with oden on our side" 
I guess on the bright side you'll ALWAYS know it's them when you hear it. 

The for the second track we get, "Töck's Taunt - Loke's Treachery Part II" which I'm guessing is suppose to be a sequel to "Hermod's Ride to Hel - Loke's Treachery Part I" from With Oden on our Side, But really, it just comes off boring and stale. 

I guess that's really my only problem with the album. Just bored with the same old thing I've been hearing out of them for years. I'd like some growth some expansion! fuck just give me something new! 

Now there is a bright side to this review! 

On the track, "Doom Over Dead Man" It seems they are, "trying" to make something new. The track even has a "doomy" feel to it in parts. and they even make use of an ORCHESTRA in the intro! I know right? wtf? Amon? orchestra? yea they did it. but to little to late for me really. 

Then this brings us to the final song on the album. a cover song! a cover of what you ask? FUCKING "Aerials" by "System of a Down" Now i have no problem with the song, Well SOAD's version. i think it kicks ass. But really? Amon Amarth covering SOAD? yea no thanks. 

They took a great song. and well I'm not going to say, "ruin it" but yea Johan's vocals just do NOT fit the song. and they didn't even do anything new with it! Granted i think there is like a 15 second part of the song with a "classic" Amon Amarth breakdown but Jesus. This was not a good choice of covers, For obvious reasons. 

Overall, Good music, Good vocals, overall "decent" album, But I'm very tired of the same ole same ole. This horse is dead and they need to stop beating it. IT AIN'T GOING NO WHERE! 

Now I'm sure hardcore Amon Amarth fans will be pleased with the release. And I'm pretty sure I'll be getting me some hate mail for this review. but guess what, I don't really care this is my opinion. take it or leave it..



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