Friday, March 25, 2011

Eastern Front - Blood on Snow - Review

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Eastern Front is a relatively new band. Releasing their first full length in 2010. It's pretty much straight forward black metal, and the lyrics focus on War, War and more War! Which I'm not dissing at all, I'm really enjoy the War Theme on the album. As is popular with a lot of Black Metal bands, But luckily it's never gotten old to me. 

This band Hails from Ipswitch, England. And they have made quite a name for themselves already. With this album release and they have been touring with Graveworm/Lord Belial/Apostasy. So they have been making the rounds and I'm looking forward to the next release. 

I admit i wasn't liking this album to much the first time i heard it. But it's a grower for sure! I think if i would have rated it the first time i listened to it, It would have scored a 6 maybe. Well you'll just have to wait til the end to see the final score. ;) 

While this is just a "Black Metal" Record and they don't dive into any of the other genres for the album. But this album manages to have an "epic" feel in parts. With the samples they bring to the table. "Tanks, Gunfire, Klaxon sirens" and so on. But it doesn't come off as "forced" or "over the top" it's just there for ascetics and atmosphere. 

The guitars are right on the money, I'm sure i could compare the guitar sound this band has to a million other bands but that would be pointless. On tracks like the title track, "Blood on Snow" Have maybe the "standard" Black metal sound. but in parts that use a VERY melodic tremolo picking riff that is just absolutely amazing to hear! I'd actually say it's beautiful! Very heartfelt 

The vocals are superb. I can hear Mortuus from Marduk in there and also. Caligula from Dark Funeral as well. But not ripping them off. More along the lines of his voice paying HOMAGE to them. 

The drums have a very Military feel to them. Which fits the concept of the album perfectly. But in points it can be a tad TO normal stylistically at points. but he gets the job done! 

Tracks like "Where Warriors Once Fell" Bring a new sound to the album. Slower than most of the other tracks. But it's a fucking epic track! You can really feel the emotion in the music and the singers voice. This track will be tied with the title track, "Blood on Snow" for my two favorite tracks off the album.

All in all this is an amazing first album for the band. and they have a bright future ahead of them if the next album is as good as this one! 


Only cons i have with the album are, Well the first half of the album is Inferior to the second half. But the second half is filled with epic tracks! and as much as i love the Vocalist voice here, He does alot of Extended screaming. which to my ears get a little old. 

But this is a must own for any black metal fan! 


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