Thursday, March 31, 2011

Metalkings - So much steel you wont believe its real - Review

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This is a review I've been waiting to do for a VERY long time! This "IMO" is the greatest band that has ever graced my Metal ears! 

Metalkings are a German duo, and they consist of, Lord Horsepower and Lord Dragonbreath.
Two brothers who received a vision from the metal gods to form the greatest metal band that ever existed. and believe me! this album Is proof of a god of metal! 

Beware, If your a poser and you listen to this album your head may EXPLODE from the sheer amount of Metal you'll be subject to. So listen with caution, and if you think you might be a poser, Pass this record up. 

Between the amazingly epic riffs on this album, To the OUT OF THIS WORLD vocals! this is just a perfect album from start to finish.

Tracks like, Father of metal master of Steel, Lightning of metal thunder of steel, Under the metal dragon's wings, and Heavy metal horse of steel. Are proof that the metalkings are gods among men in the nowadays boring and dull metal scene. 

They even show a softer side on the track, Under the metal dragon's wings. This could very be the greatest ballad ever made in the history of metal ballads. It just stinks of awesomeness! I confess i cried the first time i listened to it. You can hear the emotion in the singers voice, How painful it is to be the most epic and talented metal singer in the history of metal singers. I would consider the amount of talent he has to be a curse, and that shows on this track. 

I only wish they would release another album. The metal world is in need of our rightful kings. Come show us the path to Metal Glory! 

I normally score albums i review with a 1-10 system. but thats not enough for this album!
So the score for this album is

OVER 9000! 


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