Friday, April 1, 2011

Demonaz - March of the Norse - Review

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Well, I've been waiting for this album for awhile now. You all should know Demonaz is a founding member of Immortal. He writes most of the music and lyrics, there but doesn't play live anymore. So this is his solo effort, and if I'm honest i was a tad skeptical about this release. Mostly i was worried it would just be a new Immortal album under a new name. 

Well i was wrong, and i was right. This album takes a lot from Immortals newest work, that's without question. But he infuses the music here with something a little more.  you can hear a serious Bathory influence here in the music. and i guess the best way to describe it would be to say, This is Immortal meets Bathory. 

The vocals are more, "Thrashy" or "Motorhead" ish at times. If i had to pinpoint a sound i'd say his singing voice here sounds like he took the best parts of Lemmys vocals and mixed them with Chuck Billy's vocals to create a single sound here. "if your a complete noob and don't know Chuck Billy is the vocalist from Testament"

I'm not sure I'd classify this as a Black Metal album, It's got quite a few different sounds here. A little black, Pagan, Viking, Thrash, Hell even a straight up classic rock solo on the track "Over the Mountains." He pulls from a lot of different resources for this album. and honestly? it works. Lets just call it Awesome Metal!  As i said earlier, i was skeptical about this album. but the final product has won me over. I highly enjoyed listening to it. and I'm sure it'll be in my normal album rotation for awhile to come. 

Tracks like, Legends of fire and ice, All blackened sky, and March of the norse. are probably my favorites off the album. but really the whole album is well worth a listen and it deserves to be bought! Great album from start to finish, this will satisfy any immortal fans until the next album. and fans of Bathory will also wanna grab this album. you'll enjoy it. 



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