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Morfeus - Mayhem/Dimension F3H - Interview

This interview was truly a pleasure. Morfeus has been in some heavyweights of the Norwegian scene. Originally a member of the dynamic duo that was, Limbonic Art. And more recently a session member of the legendary, Mayhem. He is also the mastermind of the band, Dimension F3H. a band commonly referred to as, kickass bladerunner thrash. And the title fits! 

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Shawn: Good evening Morfeus, and thanks for taking the time to do this Interview, How's the weather over there in Norway? Good drinking weather?
Morfeus: Evening Shawn!!  Any weather is good drinking weather you know, but today it fucking snowed so bad over here, it’s pissing me off!! I had hoped we had seen the end of the snow this winter, but apparently Immortal is sitting on some mountain top casting blizzards our way!!
Shawn: You've been in the Norwegian Metal scene for a good while. So what do you think about today’s Norwegian scene? It came a long way since the Original wave of Norwegian Black metal.
Morfeus: To be honest, I don’t really notice a scene in Norway anymore, I don’t know, perhaps we all grew older and don’t really have a need for it. It’s more like a ton of friends and bands we know that exist and work to make music. When I hear the word scene, somehow it makes me think of a competition in some way, and I don’t really like that. I think most people up here on this northern rock are very supportive to each other, and perhaps could be seen more as a community rather than a scene..
Shawn: With your Previous work in Limbonic Art, and now being a session member in Mayhem, You've been a part of some major history in the Norwegian scene. And the past two years you've been doing a lot of touring with Mayhem, Has this been enjoyable? and how have hardcore Mayhem fans treated you?
Morfeus: Yeah, it’s been a few years with lots of ups and downs, hehe.. Tho these last three years with Mayhem have been amazing to say the least. Lots of traveling around the world and of course a ton of great gigs!! This was one of the most important things that I missed about Limbonic Art, the ability to do live shows, so at the moment I’m perfectly happy with the situation. Of course I’m just a session with Mayhem as of yet, so for now I’m not really noticed that much, but the fans that I do meet seems generally happy with it, and I haven’t really heard anything negative, so I guess that’s a good thing at least..
Shawn: Also what are some of your more Personal Inspirations? Be it music, Novels, Movies? and also what was your main inspiration for Getting into music in the first place?
Morfeus: Well, I don’t think that I have any really specific inspirations. I’m trying not to be too visual in the way I write, I think that I’m more just searching for sounds and melodies that work, and when I finally bump into something that tickles my spine, then I start to focus on that and to develop that further. I do enjoy books and not to mention comics, movies etc, but I try not to influence myself from other media so to speak. It has happened of course, but I try to avoid it, and just let the music come from feelings rather than anything else…

Shawn: "Dimension F3H" was originally suppose to be a solo project, what convinced you to make the jump to a full fledged band?
Morfeus: Dimension F3H started out in the beginning with the intent of just being an ambient/electronic side project to Limbonic Art. There were some things that I felt that I was unable to incorporate in LA, and that kinda drove the desire to do something else. In time that just developed, and in the end I couldn’t keep my fingers away from the guitar, started incorporating some riffs here and there, and then the ball just kept rolling from there..
Shawn: You have had a few line up changes in Dimension F3H, you even took over vocals duties for the second album, So can you say your content with the line up you have right now?
Morfeus: Yeah, there’s been quite a few changes through the years. Mostly drummers been the problem tho. At the time when Stian from Pagan’s Mind was still in the band it was natural to have also their bassplayer Krokmo in the band as he was available and willing. After Stian left the band then he too disappeared, but Endre was already kinda in the gang and friends with us, so it was natural to ask him. After that there’s been a few more drummer changes, but at the moment it looks rock steady. 
I’m not saying that there won’t be any changes at all tho, there might be something brewing in the background, but, nothing specific yet…
Shawn: You've been rather busy since you Released Dimension F3H's Full Length, "Does the Pain Excite you?" With touring and other things. So when can we expect a new Dimension F3H album? or is work already underway on it?
Morfeus: Well, there are tons of shit going on at the moment, of course Mayhem is my first and foremost these days, but DF3H will always be in my head in some way. We have to sort out some label situations, and find out where to go. Musically we have a lot of material written, just need to find the best songs and the best way to do it all. I HOPE that we will start recording properly sometime this year, but it will depend a lot on inspiration, energy, time, etc etc… The most important thing is to get the music done, and then see where it will take us..
Shawn: Dimension F3H, has been described as, "Kickass Bladerunner Thrash" and in my opinion it fits the music perfectly. Did you set out with an idea of the sound you were going to create, or did it more or less form itself?
Morfeus: Hehe, yeah, I kinda like that description actually, it fits us very well I think. Maybe even more so now than when it was pinned on us. I didn’t set out to make bladerunner thrash tho, as I said in the previous question, it was supposed to be ambient shit, but it just ended up in that general direction in the end. Well, the end, it’s still forming and shaping itself, it will always do that.. 

Shawn: So what do you do outside of Music? Pastimes? Hobbies?
Morfeus: Well, I do too much.. Hehe.. Internet, chatting with people, photography, building guitars, movies, music… just too much that entertain me, so.. I’m hardly ever bored.. hehe
Shawn: Which do you prefer, Ozzy era or Dio era black sabbath?
Morfeus: I’ve never really been that much into Black Sabbath that I really care much.. I like them both..
Shawn: Well that will conclude our interview, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. and if there’s anything you would like to add or share feel free,
The final word is yours!
Morfeus: The epic final words… well, just keep it up Shawn, thanx a lot for the interview, and stay tuned for more kick ass bladerunner thrash!!!!


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