Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Limbonic Art - Phantasmagoria - Review

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As a long standing fan of this incredible black metal outfit. I must admit i was very worried
for the outcome of this record. since longtime member of this dynamic duo "Morfeus" is no longer in the band. So basically Limbonic Art is a one man band now.

What worried me about this release was pretty simple. It's what both members brought to the band. 

Daemon brought an incredibly voidlike darkness to it. Which is the norm for black metal in general. but he did it with a poetic sense. With his lyrics and his vocals you really felt and believed what he sang on the previous records.

Morfeus was the ying to his yang. He brought a Sense of wonder, enlightenment and overall
amazement to all the albums. With the keyboards and samples he used on the previous records. and that was what set this band apart. and of course there are no Operatic vocals on this record. and they are missed. 

While there is no shortness of "dark" or "raw" black metal. what set Limbonic Art apart from
all the other bands in the genre was this mixture. Dark and Wonder all in one package. while keeping the aggression and badassatry. that has been the story for all the previous
Limbonic Art Albums.

So coming into this record i was worried it would be more "raw" and "dark" and a lot less on the
"wonder" I was right, Phantasmagoria is an awesome black metal album. superior hatred. intense rage. all the normal colors of the black metal rainbow. But there was a void in the music.
 "and not just the normal void that daemon sings about." but you could tell it was lacking what made Limbonic Art such an awesome band.

Like i stated before this is an awesome black metal album. but daemon tried to add his own version of Morfeus's "wonder" which felt forced. and alien. Because that's just not something that daemon feels inherently.

Now there is a plus side here. Like i said it's a good Black Metal effort. Songs like, Crypt of Bereavement, and, a World in Pandemonium. Give you a hint of the "old" Limbonic Art. But it's just not enough really. I give Daemon credit for trying, but it just comes off as forced. 

Personally i think Daemon should never have continued without Morfeus. it's not the same band in any way shape or form. and i hope he does not make another record under the Limbonic Art name. 

Anyway, while this album is worth a spin. DO NOT go into this expecting the same sound from the previous records. 



Thank. Now I know, what's wrong in this album.

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