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Roman - Ceremonial Perfection - Interview

As you know i recently completed a review of Ceremonial Perfections Debut album "Alone in the End" The drummer and i have been in contact since then, Really humble and overall awesome guy. So of course the next step was Interviewing him right? lol of course! 

Still only 17 years and he's Already for a very successful album under his belt and VERY extensive touring. This band, "While they are a new band" Has no where to go but up from here. 
I have Great expectations for their next album! 

If you haven't heard of them yet, BUY the album and Like them on Facebook. 
This band deserves some attention. 
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Good evening Roman, and thanks for taking the time do do this Interview. So Ceremonial Perfection was formed in 2007, So your a fairly new band. What has that been like? Its really hard for newer metal bands to make a name for them nowadays. Was it a challenge
to get where you are?

First of all, thanks for reviewing our album "Alone in the end".
Yep, we are really young band. All we have at this moment is a result of hard work. It's really hard to reach something serious nowadays, and I'm trying to do anything useful for my band everyday. It's really hard, because people need to have an ordinary life too. So, sometimes I'm trying to make some time from my studies/hobbies/etc. And this work started, when we tried to book our "Russian Tour 2009" in Summer 2009. And you know, it's 2 years of hard-work, going-insane and getting results. And I fucking like it!

Since the release of "Alone in the end" you guys have been touring pretty much nonstop it seems. Just how busy have you guys been lately?

That's right. We had a big Eastern Europe tour in January-February 2011, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Poland. It was a really successful tour. At this moment, we're booked up for a next 6 months : few gigs around Baltic countries in this spring, fests in summer, Ukrainian tour in September-October 2011, Polish tour in November 2011. And it's not the end! I promise. It's really great, but we have to compose new songs for a second album, so, we started to do it immediately after recording "Alone in the end". Lots of songs are ready now. 
But a hope is to live in a big tour-bus and play really great gigs everyday!

What are the crowds like in Estonia? and are they better or worse than some of the other countries you've performed in? 

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who were beating the shit out of their bodies in the crowd at Club Tapper, at our album presentation in Tallinn. Without you  fuckin bastards, we would be nowhere. That was really awesome crowd and a best gig of my life, at this moment.
But, usually, crowd in Estonia is not so crazy. Lots of people standing in the end of the hall drinking beer, speaking with their friends and taking no notice to the band playing on the stage.
The most crazy crowd I've ever seen was in Poland. It was really great to play gigs there. Awesome open-minded people! Soon we will be back there and I'm really waiting for that.

what do you think are some of your biggest influences? and what convinced you to start playing the drums?

My influence is a metal music in general. Starting from Ozzy Osbourne and to really shitty-blasting grindcore. I just listen to different music in a time. At the moment my favorites are : Ozzy Osbourne, Murderdolls, Before The Dawn, Deadlock, Psyclone Nine, Pain, Arcane Grail. I listen to different music depending on my mood and things happening around me. But, my biggest influence and favorite music is silence, haha)) I really like it.
I've started playing drums when I was 13 (yepyep, I'm 17 now,hahaha).  I don't really remember why I started to do it. I just watched metal band's music videos and the only thing what interested me were drums. So I just tried to start playing and I really liked it. But I'm not satisfied with my drum-skills at this moment, I have to play more and more.

The Album art for "Alone in the End" is fucking amazing! Who is the artist? and did you give him/her full creative control? or did you have specific ideas for what you wanted done? 

I really like our album art too. Artist is a Bjoern Goosses of Killustrations.com studio, who worked with such names as Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Aborted, Six Feet Under etc. Working with Bjoern was great: we gave him a main concept and he started to work with it. He had full of freedom. He created a very simple image, dark and melancholic, different from most of the metal covers. And I think it's perfect for our music! We just to had to improve some small details after we received an example.

Can you give us an idea of the concept behind the lyics on the album? 

The main idea is apocalypse. Only one man survived, and we try to describe what does he feel, what does he do and blablabla

So what do you do outside of Metal? Pastimes? Hobbies?

I have a girlfriend to spend time with. Also, I'm studying at the moment.. Anything else? hmmm.. NO! I have played football for ~10 years, but it was boring, (cause I was a goalkeeper,) haha. I finished playing at the age of 12 or something like that, and started to play drums after that. Also, I like making fun of our guitar player Kirill. That's my hobbie, hahaha.
Hello, Kirill, I know you are reading that, motherfucker!

Which do you prefer, Ozzy era or Dio era black sabbath? 

Ozzy! Definitely!

Well that will conclude our interview, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer 
my questions. and if theres anything you would like to add or share feel free, 
The final word if yours!

One more time, thanks for reviewing, interviewing and supporting us! You are the man! Hope to see you sometime in US! Also, thanks to all our fans for making our concerts insane, all our crew : Ivan Korshunov, Tiit Roosing and Karel Boggens of Nailboard Records!
Stay fucking heavy!


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