Monday, March 21, 2011

Morgan Löfstedt (Wulfgar) - Interview

Morgan plays Bass in the Swedish Melodic Death Metal act Wulfgar. 
With two albums under his belt, And extensive touring in Sweden and other Countries
in Europe. They hope to record another album soon.
Keep your eyes out for these guys! They will be Invading your country soon! 

Be sure to check them out on face book
And on myspace as well

Good evening Morgan! Thanks for taking some time to do
this Interview, How's the weather over in Sweden?
Drinking weather? 

Hi Shawn! Thanks for the interest! The weather right now is quite cloudy 
but there is spring in the air. 
If I had some beer I would probably be sitting on my balcony drinking.

I think the most important question to start off this interview is Simply, 
Why have you guys not Invaded
America yet? Plenty of Drinking, Raping and pillaging to be had here! 

The simple answer to that is that the opportunity still haven't presented it self yet. 
If we get the chance we will defiantly invade America.

With two Successful Albums under your belt and some extensive touring and festival gigs over there,
 Whats next? Another album? or Still more touring to do before you hit the Studio again? 

We are currently working on material for a third album but still we have no hurry. 
We want it to be perfect so please be patient. You won't be disappointed. 
We do some smaller shows and rehearse a lot, we don't have any set plans.

Your lyrics all have to to with Norse Myth and history, 
When did you come to realize this is the style you wanted 
to perform? and what are some of your inspirations within the Norse sub-genre?

When we started out as a band we had no common thread throughout the musical content. 
It was just different sound to every song we wrote, weird lyrics, no context. 
One day we just felt we had to agree on a theme for our band and since 
we all listened a lot to viking metal it seemed like the right genre to focus on.

You've had Amazing album art on both your albums, Who was the artist? 
and did you help with the process? 
With ideas and such? or did you give him/her creative control? 

Jan Yrlund made the album art for both albums. 
We are really great fans of his earlier work with bands like Tyr and Korpiklaani 
and he hasn't disappointed us yet. We had specific wishes for each cover. 
For "Midgardian Metal" it was of importance that the viking would have horns on his helmet.
 Because we felt that people took this stuff too serious. 
Metal in the beginning was about provoking people. 
Nowadays it is more socially accepted and we just wanted to provoke
 some of our listeners who compares everything we do with historical facts. 
This was our way to say "Hey, we love music, but we don't feel obligated to follow your rules! 
So up yours..."
The record label wanted us to change the cover and replace the helmet with a more 
"correct" head piece but we disagreed.

The track, "Valhalla Reborn" Is one of if not my favorite Wulfgar tracks. 
Why was it left off of Midgardian Metal?
I think it would have been an awesome addition! 

We felt that the track didn't really fit in with the idea we had about the content of the album. 
We wanted the songs to be faster and more evil than
 before and as you can hear the song is quite slow. 
But still we love the song and we think it's cool that it became more rare 
when it only appeared on the "Iron Age" compilation.

So which of the two albums do you personally prefer? 

I think the songs of the second one is better but the sound is greater on the first album.
 But that's just life. The third one will be sublime in comparison to the other two.

Who are some of your Musical influences? and what convinced you to pick up the Bass Guitar? 

Well, obviously, Amon Amarth was an inspiration at the beginning 
but I actually get inspired of all kinds of music. 
One of my favorites are the Swedish death metal band Evocation. 
They have a great sound and really heavy riffs. And also Dark Tranquillity. 
They are just brutally awesome. 
I was requested to play the bass and I accepted, there was nothing more to it really.

Dio era or Ozzy era Black Sabbath?

Well, all of the songs with Ozzy are great but only a few with Dio fits my ear holes. 
But as a soloist, Dio rocks of course.

Well that will conclude our interview, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer 
my questions. and if theres anything you like to add or share feel free, 
The final word if yours!

Thanks a lot Shawn! I hope we'll invade America soon 
so that we'll meet and drink some mead! Cheers!


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