Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ceremonial Perfection - Alone in the End 2010 - Review

This band and well this album cannot be mentioned without
mentioning "In Flames" Even the band name, "Ceremonial Perfection"
Is taken from the lyrics of "Jester Script Transfigured" Off the In Flames album, "Whoracle"
I like to think that this album is a "Sequel" or the follow up to that album.
 If only this was an In Flames release. 

This album was released in 2010, and It's really a great album.
Really very much in the same vein of earlier In Flames. 

The guitars are right on the money. 
The Intro on the album for instance, Has an almost, "Blackened" Sound. 
ala Metallica and not Norwegian lol 

And the track "Symbols and Processes" Hits the Classic Melodic Sound on the head.

The drums are a little lacking at times. 
Feels almost as the drummer is a little bored back there.

The Vocals are good. But not great, They do what needs to be done. 
and nothing more. 

But the track "Blinding White" The vocals shine! and also the riff on that track is quite awesome. 
Very melodic, Fast paced and it still feels "right" for the track.

They also have a very nice Mix on the album. The bass isn't lost in the mess of things here.
The drums, "While they aren't doing anything special" Still remain sounding nice.

Everything just has a wonderful balance.

All in all this is an outstanding album. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have listened numerous times.
Only problems are like i mentioned, Vocals are lacking at times and the drums
aren't really doing anything interesting back there. 


Very much worth a listen, And while it reminds me of "Whoracle" It's nowhere
near as good and really shouldn't be compared. But i did it anyway sue me! 

Looking forward to hearing another album by this band. Maybe with some time
They will grow a little more and become something very special in the otherwise
Dull and Boring Metal scene nowadays.

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The song's called "Symbols and Processes", not "Sounds and Processes"

Typos for the loss. Thanks a ton for pointing that out. It will be changed immediately.


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