Friday, March 18, 2011

TesseracT - One (2011) - Review

TesseracT is a band I've been following for a few years. 
It was Originally a solo music project on Myspace 
which a friend of mine showed me a few years back. "Thanks Morfster!" 

They released the "Concealing Fate  EP" on Oct 12th in 2010.
I knew when i heard that this band was going to make a name for itself
in the metal scene. Not really any other bands like this out there right now

but you can rest assured that there will be a fucking million clones
of this band now.

They have really nailed a sound all their own. It's Progressive, It's Heavy,
And it can be Breathtaking at times. 

I Heard the new album, "One" Last night for the first time and I honestly
spun it four times last night alone. And twice today as well, And now a third time
as i write this review. 

Jesus fuck, What can i say about this album? It's Hauntingly Beautiful at times.
Heavy enough to Blow your fucking brains out at time as well.
Like I mentioned earlier this band has a sound all their own. 

You can hear Messuggah in some of their songs. Dream Theater in others.
But they mixed it into something that's completely and utterly Unique. 

The guitars can come off as Masturbatory at times. 
But i think it's just impossible for these guys to NOT show their skill with the Axe. 
I have no idea of the Subtle shit they doing. 
Heard they use complex Mathematics to write the songs. Does that matter to me?
Not at all, I just know what i like when i hear what i like. 

The Drums are fucking fantastic. These drummer is a fucking beast behind the kit. 
At times I'm asking myself, "What is he doing back there?" and i have no fucking
clue to be honest but goddamn, It's perfect for this music. 

The Vocals, Ok now here we are. I LOVE the singers ability to just well.. Sing, He hits 
some awesome notes and can sustain some amazing sounds forever it seems. 

But here we are at my only Problem with the album. Period, 
While i love the singers voice on the "Softer" Parts, But His "Harsh" Vocals 
leave a lot to be desired. But this is just my opinion of course. 
And I'm born and bred into the heavier sub genres. Black Metal being the most
Prominent in my music collection. So i may be a bit Biased haha

The Bassist is also VERY talented. He has a very "Meaty" Sound and
The mixing is top notch, He's always audible back there doing his own thing. 

All in all i think this is the best release of 2011 so far.
and it's hard to say if there will be anything to top this release IMO.

This was ALMOST perfection in Musical form.
While i dislike the more Masturbatory side of Progressive metal.
This album just blew me away. Kudos to them 
And i cannot wait for April, 23rd. I'll be seeing them live in Atlanta.
Anyone else going to be there? 

Perfect Record with the exception of my Dislike of the singers
Harsh vocals. 


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