Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SepticFlesh - Communion 2008 - Review

Septic Flesh is a Greek band that has been in the scene since early 1990. They play a very Unique style of Death Metal, It's quite Atmospheric at times. And this release esp makes use  of more then their share of Orchestras, adding a wonderful element to the sound. 

This album can be heavy, Brutally heavy, But at the same time it has a certain welcomeness to it. The track Sangreal for instance. Very heavy but the singer uses a much more Melodic voice for that track. Show's these guys are not a one trick pony. 

But i think the real Star here is the Musicianship, Comes off as VERY talented but it doesn't come off as Masturbatory. and one thing i cannot stand is to sit and listen to a guitarist jack off on the guitar for an entire album. 

We have some Very interesting sound on this album. The drummer has an amazing sound on his drums. Filled with Re-verb, The guitarists are using a sound maybe more "Thrashy" and less "Deathy" Which isn't a bad thing. I really think they've carved out their very own niche with this record. 

I love The Vocals on this record. The Death Growls are extremely Unique. Very "Liquid" Kind of hard to explain. Kinda sounds like he recorded the vocals underwater. But it's a nice sound. ESP in this world full of TERRIBLE Goregrind vocals. /vomits

This album also has some Amazing clean vox on Sangreal and also Sunlight/Moonlight and to a lesser Extent on Anubis.
They don't Use death vox all the time. which is nice. Rarely get a Death band that varies the vocals up hardly any. 

Another highpoint on this record is the Orchestration. adds just amazing fucking Atmosphere to the record. Even get a truly epic kind of "soundtrack" feeling at points.  

But all in all this is an extremely solid record. Enjoyable from start to finish. and without a doubt this band is one to keep your eye on this year with the next album 
The Great Mass coming out later this year. 
If you haven't heard this band before i would Highly suggest this album. It's probably the most accessible in their catalog. 


I don't really have anything bad to say about the record. Could have been longer, But the few flaws this album has are instantly forgotten once your into the music. 

Here have a listen, Then go buy the album! 


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