Sunday, April 24, 2011

Deicide - Review - To Hell With God

Happy Easter everyone, What a better way to celebrate this pointless holiday then a review of one of the most Anti Christian bands in main stream metal today?

Deicide is a four piece from Tampa Florida, And they are held as one of the fore fathers of the Florida Death Metal scene. Glenn Benton is the front main here. Mostly known for his outspoken hatred of Christianity and the fact that  he "on several occasions" has branded an inverted cross into his forehead. Bet he's wonderful to have at parties.

I confess I am a pretty big fan of this band earlier work. Albums such as "In Torment In Hell" and "Once Upon The Cross" have pretty much constant rotation in my music player.

But this album doesn't excite me all that much. Granted it's pretty much the same as every record they ever released. It's brutal, Satanic to the core, and played with blinding speed. But maybe that's the problem? It's pretty much no different than their earlier stuff.

My problem with this album is pretty much the same problem I had with the new Amon Amarth album. Nothing new, Nothing exciting and nothing we haven't heard a hundred times from this band in the past.

But this album isn't a complete disappointment, tracks like "To Hell With God" "Hang in Agony Until You're Dead" and "Angels of Hell" are pretty notable tracks in their own right.

While I'm not sure I'll come back to this album for another listen in the future. But I am certain thousands of Deicide and Death Metal fans will love this release.

Just meh for me.



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