Saturday, April 9, 2011

Desecration-Review-Lords of Misery

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Desecration is a young band from Viladecans, Barcelona Spain. They play some old school thrash metal and the album was pretty entertaining. They've only been around since 2006 and didn't complete the lineup until 2010. 

Lords of Misery, Is the bands first release. They play old school thrash with a few other influences as well. Some punk/death/rock can all be heard on this album. And to be honest they don't sound half bad. 

The album starts off with the first track, "Intro" which is an instrumental and this track even has a Doom-ish feel to it. and it pretty much sets the mood for the rest of the album. Solid guitar work and drumming here. 

The we get into the second song, Molestation. and this is the first time we hear the Vocalist at work. He very much sounds like Tom Araya "Slayer's Vocalist" on this track. The track has some awesome energy and some very nice guitar work. 

They show a more melodic sound on the title track, Lords of Misery. And this is my favorite track on the album as well. Starts off with an, "In Flames"-ish intro then works itself into some old school death metal riffing! They are pulling from quite a few different genres here to form their sound. 

They even add some humor to the mix on the track, Face your Fear. at 3:40 the first solo is actually the "Tetris theme" hehe that made me giggle. 

Overall it's a very "decent" first attempt at making an EP. While the music is solid I feel it suffers from lack of a good production. But my one true turn off here is the Vocalist. On tracks like, Molestation and Lords of Misery, he has a great voice. But most of the other tracks he suffers from a lack of English. and on tracks like, Face your Fear, It can be pretty funny at times. 

But with better production and the vocalist sticking with one vocal style, "and maybe some English lessons" I can say I'll have no problem checking out future releases. But like I mentioned they have some Great music here. Worth checking out at least once I think. ESP if your into Old school thrash. 



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