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King of Asgard - Review - Fi'mbulvintr

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King of Asgard is a pretty new band, They've only been around since 2008, They play a mixture of Viking/Death/Black/Awesome Metal. I found them quite by accident on YouTube a few months ago. Saw the video for Einharjar. Needless to say I was very impressed by the track and shortly there after I got my hands on the album.

My first impression was pretty straight forward. Einharjar was an amazing track and I was hoping the rest of the album was at the very least as good as that track. 

After a couple spins I can honestly say I fucking love this Album and therefore the band as well. What a fucking way to make a debut! With Powerful guitar, Outstanding vocals, Powerful drums, Deep "audible" and dirty bass lines. Whats not to love? 

This is the band you need to look to now for Quality viking themed metal of the extreme variety. It's new and fresh and I'm not joking when i say this band is fucking destroying everything Amon Amarth has done since "With oden on our side" But I am by no means comparing the two bands. Totally different sounds. 

The album starts off with an amazing intro titled, "intro" slow and pulsing at 1:31 in length. you know when you hear this track that your in for something special, It just grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go. At the very end of the intro you hear the vocalist scream "Einharjar!" Which leads into the next track. 

Einharjar, Is one of the gems on this album to be sure. The track is played at a breakneck speed and is full of amazing emotion. Just look at this clip of the lyrics. 

Einhärjar - Die before us one and all 
Einhärjar - Chosen to die by the glimpse of an age
Einhärjar - Die before us one and all
Einhärjar - Reunite, we all shall fall 

This band is on the fast track to becoming a serious heavy hitter in the genre!  Another gem on this album is the track, Day of Sorrow. Performed with such emotion! I just have no words to describe it. 

Karl Beckman is on vocals, Performed flawlessly, the singer here is amazingly talented and I've read he's been in a few popular bands. Sadly this is my first time hearing his work. He sings with a throaty, Deathy Growl. Without losing his emotion at all, I guess his voice be compared to Johan from Amon Amarth but really? I prefer Karl's voice without question. 

The guitar work is amazing, Melodic in parts, Deathlike in others. and even some Blackened tremolo picking thrown into the mix. They really put an amazing effort into the sound of the guitars and the mixing as well. Perfectly mixed here not one aspect of their sound is lost in the mix. 

Drums, Holy shit the drummer is a fucking beast. He's pulling no punches behind his kit. Playing at breakneck speed the entire time. He's an extremely talented drummer. 

The bass is ALWAYS audible. God I think my favorite thing about this album is the mixing. Every aspect on this album is perfectly mixed. Nothing gets lost in translation. 
All in all this is an utterly fantastic album. Highly suggest for anyone who likes Viking themed metal of any sort. Trust me this album is worth your time! 



Its good to see reviews of this album finally cropping up!! Hands down the best album of 2010. :D

Looking forward to what's to come!

Glad you enjoyed it bro! Yes they made one hell of a debut album didn't they? Very excited about their future efforts!


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