Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden of Grief - Review - Denied Sanctuary X

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Garden of Grief is a band I've know about for awhile, and I've heard tracks by the band but never a full album. So this was a pleasing review to do. Been wanting to check out a full release for a long time. 

Garden of Grief is a one man band and Boronian Sturmfels is the mastermind of this project. This isn't really a straight forward album, Labelled as Depressive Black Metal, but it has elements from a few different kinds of Black Metal. Atmospheric, Ethereal, Raw. GoG pulls from a few different sub-genres of black metal. 

The first track "Sanctuary Denied Forever" starts the album off, In an odd way. I admit I was not expecting an  keyboard/synth Instrumental clocking in at over five minutes. But once the second track "Into the Vale of Dreams" kicks in you know your in for a treat. 

We are treated to a pounding black metal album here, The music and the vocals are filled with emotion, While "emotions" well other than base aggression are rare in BM, Garden of Grief pulls it off flawlessly. 

While I've never been a big fan of depressive black metal, this album was a joy to listen to. Heavy in parts, Soft and beautiful in others, IE: The instrumental interlude in the track, The Horizon of my Dreams. and even some Doom-ish parts as well in the track, Volunteer...for Euthanasia. This album is one of the few BM albums that prove, Black Metal can be Beautiful! 

Most times one man bands are utter shite and not worth your time. This time I feel it's VERY much worth any ones time who enjoys Black Metal. 

The Vocals here remind me of, Natram "the singer of Silencer" sometimes. While not as high pitched. I would like to be able to compare the music to another band, But I'm not really seeing any band worth comparing. and this album proves that Garden of Grief is more assuredly going to make some waves with this album. 

Also, There was no better way to end the story this album told than the final track, The Final Ascension. It manages to convey the ultimate Idea of everything this album was about. 
1) Beauty
2) Despair
3) Hate

While I'm not sure if it was intentional. But I get the feel of a concept album here, from the song titles, the lyrical content, some of the sounds and nuisances displayed in the songs. and well also the emotion used in the vocal deliver. But don't worry I won't ruin the story for you. You'll just have to get the album and figure it out yourself. 

So many great things about this album, From the Interlude in the track, The Horizon of my Dreams. "Which clocks in at over 20 minutes" To the raw and unbridled emotion on the track, "Volunteer...for Euthanasia"
To one of the most heartfelt yet haunting instrumentals I've heard in a few years, "The Final Ascension"

Trust me, The entire album is awesome! 

My only con, and I mean "only" Con with this album was the opening track, It went on a little long for my taste. But it was beautiful none the less. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Never been to big a fan of DSBM, but this album might just a believer out of me. I will be watching this bands future work. I just hope future albums can measure up to this one. 

Highly enjoyable album, and very much suggested! Go buy this album trust me you won't be disappointed! 



I have 2 tapes of this band and i know the guy behind this project. But this story i laugh about. But its true what he says his music is awesom. But it is not a real Depressive black metel prject. But anyway what he makes is beautiful ;-)

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