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Thurs - Interview - Draugr Skaldvard

Thurs logo by Kristina Elin Nygaard
Photos by Kjetil Grøtte - all pictures from "Myths And Battles From The Paths Beyond..." photo session!

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Thurs is a Black/Viking band from Stavanger Norway. I've known about this band for a while now. Their album " Myths And Battles From The Paths Beyond" is pretty much in constant rotation in my music player. 
But I feel this band doesn't get the attention they truly deserve!

Luckily the singer Draugr Skaldvard agreed to an interview. Let's help them out guys! Support the band and look for them live! And don't forget to buy the album! 

Shawn: Good evening and thanks for taking the time to sit down for this interview, Hows the weather over there in Norway this time of year? Has winter gave way to spring yet? 

Draugr: Hails, pleasure to do it! Weather in southwest Norway, where my town Stavanger is, usually is cloudy and rainy, also sunny, and chilly, but not to cold, so spring is coming quick! Snow is long gone from my realms! If we want to find snow, we must go to the mighty mountains or further north in Norway!

Shawn: Your first full length "Myths And Battles From The Paths Beyond" came out in 2010. How has the album been received so far? and were you content with the finished product? 

Draugr: What we have heard, it has been received well, but in reality we don't know to much, lacking info from the label, we only see the reviews we google, really. It's distribution have been rather low it seems, and not as satisfying as promised.

 left to right: Blekkjesdrotten, Dargoth Raatne, Likskuggi, Draugr Skaldvard, Kaalfinn

Shawn: You pull from a lot of different genres to make your unique sound. Was this the plan at the 
beginning? Or simply something that happened during the writing process? 

Draugr: We were going through some other sounds in the beginning, you may say pre-Thurs, where we played something between death/thrash metal, but it was not all for us that time, so after we focused on viking/folk/black metal, and made our true sound through this criteria. Our lyrics reflect Norse mythology, viking-age/vikings, old Norwegian folklore tales, and things that matter a lot to us, the Norwegian nature and landscapes and subjects like that.

Shawn: Norway has one of the most rich and unique metal scenes in the world. Whats it like competing with some of the heavy weights in the Norwegian scene? You seem to be holding your own. 

Draugr: It is kind of hard to keep up, really, there is many hundred great metal bands from Norway, but we hang in there and play our music as we like, mostly for our own sake, but it is nice to share our music with metalfans over the world, so we will continue to release records and play gigs wherever we get booked, hehehe! 

Shawn: I saw you've started working on the next album. Can you share any news with us? Or maybe give us a possible time frame for a release date? 

Draugr: I am afraid all this info is just for us in the band right now, but I can tell you that we will play one of the new songs at Leidang Fest in Stavanger, Norway, which is held May 27-28. Stay updated!!!

left to right: Blekkjesdrotten, Dargoth Raatne, Likskuggi, Kaalfinn, Draugr Skaldvard

Shawn: I enjoyed the album art you used for, "Myths And Battles From The Paths Beyond" What artist did you use? and did you give the artist full creative freedom? or did you have a specific idea you wanted done? 

Draugr: The dead tree represents the Thurs-rune, and was what we agreed on having, and told the artist what we would have, and from there she was free to do what she wanted... Her name is Rita Austvoll, she is basically a calligraphic artist! She drew the Thurs-rune-tree, and the sky/effects around it was done digitally by Kjetil Grøtte. He was also the one who took and edited the photos we used in the booklet! Great folks!

Shawn: Also can you explain what the Runes stand for on the album cover? 

Draugr: Well, as i mentioned in previous question, the dead tree represents the Thurs-rune, which  represents the frostgoblins of Nivlheim and the fire goblins of Muspellheim in Norse mythology. The rune is the driving force behind the destructive forces such as disease,conflict and hatred. It provides worry and sleepless nightsBut the Thurs-rune can also be used to counter these forces, it can cure disease or to provide luck in love actually, heheheThe runes around the cover spells simply "Myths And Battles From The Paths Beyond" written four times around to represent the frame.

left to right: Likskuggi, Draugr Skaldvard, Blekkjesdrotten, Kaalfinn, Dargoth Raatne


Shawn: Any touring plans at the moment? an American tour perhaps?

Draugr: No tour planned, but if you know someone that want to book us, we'd gladly come, hehehe!!
Only gig planned for now, is the one at Leidang Fest. 

Shawn: If you would can you name some of your personal inspirations? and what got you into metal in the first place? 

Draugr: Well, that would be Norwegian black metal! But my first metal experiences started with bands like Metallica, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Manowar, Sepultura, Slayer and Burzum! It was introduced to me by some old school friends. After this I got more and more into Norwegian black metal, and it is still my favorite!

Shawn: What do you do outside of music? Hobbies? Pastimes? 

Draugr: Hehehe, what can i say? Music! Some of us goes hunting for wild animals in the Norwegian mountains and forests! Only to be out there is an experience in itself!

Shawn: Ozzy or Dio era Black Sabbath? 

Draugr: Ozzy! Hail the prince of fucking darkness!! 

Shawn: Well that will conclude our interview, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. and if there’s anything you would like to add or share feel free. The final word is yours!

Draugr Skaldvard - Screams, growls & mouth-harp
Likskuggi - Guitars & backing screams
Blekkjesdrotten - Guitars & backing screams
Dargoth Raatne - Bass
Kaalfinn: Battery

Visit us on www.thurs.no / www.myspace.com/thursband

Pagan regards
Draugr Skaldvard of Thurs


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