Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Würm - Review - Insomnies

Alright, where to begin? Würm is a one man Black Metal band from Canada. Never heard of them before I sat down to do this review.

Now first off I'd like to state Black Metal is my favorite sub-genre of metal and it would be putting it very lightly to say I'm mildly obsessed with it. And  I can also say that I enjoy "Necro" or "Kvlt" sound in Black Metal as well, Early Burzum/Mayhem/Darkthrone and so on are in rotation in my music player.

But there comes a time when TALENT is needed to make Necro sound work, This is not the case with this album. I honestly get the feeling that this man is a first year guitarist and well for lack of a better term there is ZERO talent on this album.

One could Argue that his voice is, "Mediocre" but yea I won't be agreeing there. This is what's hurting Black Metal nowadays. Every twerp with a guitar and a microphone in his mothers basement making a "raw" black metal album. Give me a break please? Stop polluting the genre with this shit!

Anything good about this album? Yea I love the band name.. lol Does that count?

Cons? Pretty much everything, a terrible attempt at making "Necro" sound. Zero talent on any of the instruments and his voice is sub par at it's very best.

I know I normally do a track breakdown but I really have no Interest here.
But if you like terrible Black Metal be sure to check out the album.



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