Friday, April 15, 2011

Naetu - Review - The Burning Lands

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Naetu is a band from Australia, and sadly I've never heard of them before. Someone approached me on Facebook and suggested I take a look at their music. 

Wow am I glad I did. The first track I heard was "Avenging the Fallen" and the first thought that came to my head was, "Whoa" It was a fucking epic instrumental track. Beautiful played and expertly recorded, I hate to compare it, but this track reminds me of "Orion" from Metallica's "Master of Puppets" So I instantly went and got my hands on the album and started working on this review. 

The Album starts off with the track "Black Storms" and I was a little taken aback by it because after just hearing "Avenging the Fallen" I really was expecting something else. But this isn't a bad thing folks this band has Depth! And plenty of it. 

Track two is "The Burning Lands" This is the first time I heard the singers voice as both the previous tracks I've mentioned are Instrumentals. But this just had me sitting here like. "Whats going on here" The singers voice sounds to me like a mixture of Caligula from Dark Funeral mixed with Mortuus from Marduk. 

Everything on this album seems to be played with a very true Scandinavian spirit. They may be Australian but goddamn they can play Black Metal like they were born on the coldest mountain in Norway. 

This album is truly a gem in the Black Metal scene, But I don't want you thinking Naetu is just your normal everyday run of the mill BM. This they are not, They add quite a few wonderful elements to their music. Thrash, Symphonic, Kvlt. you're really given a treat with this release and I honestly think "The Burning Lands" Will be in my normal music rotation for a long time to come. 

All in all this is a fantastic album, and even more so since I read this was a self financed and released album. You cannot tell! Expertly recorded and mixed as if they were on a bigger label. 

This will go down as one of a VERY small handful of true Black Metal gems from the land down under. Highly suggest you go check it out. And I have VERY high hope for the future of this band. They need some recognition, So tell your friends about this band and pick up the album online if you can find it. 

Ok, I guess I need to stop with the ass licking and get with the cons here. Which are very Minimalistic I might add. 

1) I felt the Outro on the album was a little out of place. Didn't care for it. 
2) The sample "Swords clashing and such" used in the beginning of "Misanthropic Nightmare" Sounded a bit "stock" and didn't care for it to much.

Other than that this album was Amazing. Very nice to find a gem you've never heard of before. And to be honest this is one of the reasons I started doing this review thing. Always a pleasure to find new and awesome music. 



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