Saturday, April 16, 2011

Septicflesh - Review - The Great Mass

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Well as some of you will know I am a fan of Septicflesh. And was even lucky enough to interview two of the members recently. 

But this album! God I've been waiting on it forever it seems. But I admit I was worried they could never compare to the awesomeness that was "Communion" Thankfully... I was wrong! 

They took everything that was awesome from "Communion" and fucking ran with it! They turned the "epic" up to 11 on this effort that's for fucking sure. Orchestration is beyond vital to the outcome of this record. It's even the focal point of some of the tracks. 

The vocalist here is still using the same "underwater" sounding death growls. and it's perfectly suited. and the clean vox on this album is just superb, Tracks like "The Vampire From Nazareth" and  "A Great Mass of Death" are great examples of the clean vocals on this album. "A Great Mass of Death" even makes use of some female vocals. 

But the track "Oceans of Grey" Really stand out to me. Really epic sweeping orchestration in the intro. The it breaks your face for a minute. The takes it back down a notch only to break your face a minute later. I really hope this is the track they choose for the music video they will be making for the album soon. So many amazing visuals that could be used for this track.

Guitars are spot on the money. But they are not in the foreground most of the time. The true star on this album is the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague. They take what Christos wrote and really turn it into something special. They are basically another member of the band with this album. and they are equally as important as the rest of the members. 

Everything about this release is fucking superb. And after I gave the new TesseracT album a perfect 10/10 I thought it would be hard to top that. Happily that's not the case. I have ZERO problems with this album. This is purely and masterfully musical perfection. 


I know it's only April. But unless the upcoming Primordial and Anaal Nathrakh really bring it. Or unless we find some other hidden band that's fucking breathtaking. This WILL be my album of the year. 

No album is more deserving of a perfect 10/10 Really pick this album up when it's available. This is a musical Masterpiece that completely transcends genres. And unless something odd happens or I get hit in the head and suffer a concussion. This will remain Possibly in my top ten favorite albums... ever. 


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