Monday, April 18, 2011

HIM - Review - Razorblade Romance

First off I'd like to thank everyone for voting for this review. Even though this has been pure torture for me, just keep in mind I'm doing this for you guys. lulz 

HIM, is a Finnish band and they've been around since 1991. They play what they refer to as "Love Metal" But really it just sounds like Emo Garbage to my ears. And that's evident when you hear the first song, "I love you (Prelude to Tragedy)" 

BLAH, Tracks like "Join me in Death" and "Gone with the sin" Prove that you pretty much need a vagina to like this music. And well if you don't have a vagina and you're a fan of this album... Leave right now and go buy a female prostitute.. you need it trust me. 

All joking aside. This is a fucking terrible album. And calling it "metal" is a fucking stretch by any means. I guess HIM would be like the grandfathers of the most recent wave of EMO Metal in America. And that should be a death penalty. 

I fucking loathe this album and this band with every fiber of my being. And if it wasn't for the vote I never would have reviewed this piece of garbage. 

And if you try to argue talent I'd like to direct you to the track "Right here in my arms" Notice the solo? Sounds like a epileptic recorded that while high on heroin and sitting in the middle of a Disco. 

The singers voice? Not so much skill there either. He goes way to "deep" most times for the clean singing register. 

All in all I despised this album and Trust me when I say I will never listen to this album again. 


and the only reason I'm not giving it a 0/10 is the opening riff in "Razorblade Kiss" was semi "decent"


geez, did you just call EMO a music genre? aren't you supposed to write reviews? It's not about the band or anything, but saying how you hate something over and over again isn't really a review. It's your personal statement on a pink album. We all know that it's so hard to find a band that doesn't suck and didn't sell out, yeah, but this isn't where you start.

Lol yeah, exactly.
But really gay album cover IMO.
Though the review could have been written in a very non-offensive manner.

Honestly HIM is a off shot and more GLAMORIZED version of old 80s Goth Rock, like Sister of Mercy and some old synth bands like Depeche Mode. It hits more for the female audience but to call it "first wave of EMO?" you're a fucking retard what are you into anyway? some sort of faggot Deathcore. I've been a big fan of old school Death Metal for about a decade bands like Deicide Morbid Angel Obituary Entombed Mortician ect etc and I still enjoy these Finnish Goth Rockers do your home work before you do a review you cunt.

"Honestly HIM is a off shot and more GLAMORIZED version of old 80s Goth Rock, like Sister of Mercy"

Honestly you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. A "glamorized" version of SoM and old synth bands?! Are you high?! For all the "knowledge" you attempt to bestow, you do nothing but spew pure shit. You obviously came into the game late, my friend, and are trying your hardest to catch up. And failing.

HIM is nothing more than a male-fronted Evanescence - a sugar-coated, glossy package of mediocrity with no grit, no provenance, and no authenticity whatsoever. They aren't in the same universe as SoM or 80s goth rock. Not even in a rickety-ass rocket on their way. HIM is pure packaged crap for the masses. Keep eating it up, big boy. You're keeping these losers in their knitted hats and eyeliner.

By the way, I'm female and loathe this shit.

You cunt.

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