Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Abysmal Dawn - Review - Leveling The Plane Of Existence

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Abysmal Dawn is a three piece from Los Angeles California. and  Leveling The Plane Of Existence is their third full length and they play Death Metal of the Technical variety. I found out about this band about two weeks ago. But this is my first time listening to the album in it's entirety. 

I confess I listen to less and less Death Metal these days. I think the scene is just getting a little stale to me. and well combine that with my obsession for black metal and well. lol you'll get the idea. 

The first song I heard by these guys was "The Sleeper Awakens" Which is an amazing track. And I was hoping the entire album would have that same sound when I sat down to listen to it for this review. Eh I was wrong. While "The Sleep Awakens" Is a slower death song, With some spoken word parts and some heavier parts. 

But the rest of the album is just your typical death metal. Nothing new nothing fresh. Just the same old shit that hundreds of bands are pumping out. 

They have some great riffing here tracks like "In Service of Time" and "Perpetual Dormancy" and the singers growls are "ok" Nothing to write home about there. Trust me you've heard it before performed in the same way 100 times. 

Now I'm not saying this is a bad album by any means. I'm sure tons of Death metal fans will love this album. It just didn't interest me that much. 


The track "The Sleeper Awakens" Is by far the gem on this album everything else just peters out I think. If you're a fan of death metal be sure to check this album out. You might get alot more out of it then I did. 


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