Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SEMARGL - Tak, Kurwa - Music Video Review

Alright, here we at with our first official music video review. 

Well what can I say about this video? lol It has some very good production and hot women. But well, The music here suffers a bit. Not sure what sound there going with but it's not for me at all. 

Yep, the music sucks balls here. Their official website claims they play "Satanic Pop Metal" And I guess that is a very fair assessment But I can tell you I won't be checking out the rest of their catalog.

But this video is pretty cool, And I suggest you go here to watch the "uncensored" version. 
One word.. BOOBS! But the video is best watched with the volume off. ;) 

But as much as the boobs excite me, This video leaves me kind of.. Dead in the water I guess would be a good term. Metal suffers from a serious lack of "decent" music videos. But this band had the right idea. Throw in a bunch of boobs and maybe someone will pay attention to them.


I would like to personally thank this band for the boobs. :D And i'm looking forward to future videos. lol 

Jesus, How many times did I say "boobs" in this review. lol BOOBS! 


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