Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Metallica - Review - Ride the Lightning

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Well you guys voted for this album as your favorite Metal album of all time! "Although I wonder how many of you voted for this one because Morfeus did." ;) JK of course.

This is an album that needs no introduction. And if you have not heard this album PLEASE do the following things.

1) Go rent a shovel and molest yourself with it
2) Buy the album while the shovel is stuck handle deep in your ass. 
3) Rinse Repeat until you feel you've debased yourself enough for this grievous sin. 

Ride the Lightning Is one of those extremely rare albums where every single track is absolutely amazing. there is no con to this album. This was Metallica in they're prime. At they're very best. And as drunk as any one person can be. "they're nickname was Alcoholica for fucks sake" 

This album was released in 1984. lol I was two years old when it came out. But really, What is there to say about this album? It's fucking perfection really. But oddly enough it's not my favorite Metallica album, That honor goes to, And Justice for All. I just wish Metallica would return to this sound. It's been all downhill since the Black Album was released in my opinion. 

I normally give a rundown of my favorites songs on the album's I review. But I can't do that with this one, I love every single track on this album. But if I have to single one out it'll be, The Call Of Ktulu. There is something about Metallica's Instrumentals that just tug something deep inside me. Some of there best work in my opinion is void of Jame's voice. "To Live Is To Die" from "And Justice For All" Is a prime example of this as it's my favorite Metallica song of all time. "But it does have two lines of vocals in the middle" But it's pretty much an instrumental. Also "Orion" from "Master of puppets" and "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" from "Kill em All"

All in all this is a must have/listen/own/jack off to album for any metal head. And I say you're not a metal fan at all if this album isn't in at least your top five favorite albums of all time. 

10/10 isn't enough for this album so we'll follow Spinal Taps lead. This album goes to up 


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