Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Primordial - Review - Redemption at the Puritans Hand

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This is an album I've been dying to hear for months and months! Primordial is one of my favorite bands and I've been drooling all over myself thinking about this album. Primordials past two albums, "The Gathering Wilderness" and "To The Nameless Dead" are without a doubt in the list of my top ten favorite albums of all time.

They have such an amazing mixture. Black Metal, Classic Heavy Metal, Celtic, and Irish Folk. That combined with the vocals make this band something extremely special and unique, There is nothing else like them today. They are truly a one of a kind band. 

The album starts off with "No Grave Deep Enough" and you know as soon as the music gets thumping and AA starts in with his amazing voice that this album is going to be amazing. And trust me it is. The vocalist travels seamlessly from his Black Metal rasp to his Unique clean style depending on what the songs call for. I have to admit he is fast becoming one of my favorite vocalist's 

Ok all joking and ass licking aside, let's get down to the real meat and bones of this review. The album is truly an epic. Can it compare to "to the nameless dead" and "The gathering wilderness" ? That's a very tough question and to be honest I'm not sure if it can. 

The music here is played flawlessly, AA's vocal performance is perfection as always. But I just don't get the feeling from this album that I got the first time I heard "to the nameless dead" Now before you shit your pants and leave hate comments listen. 

To the nameless dead, Is one of my favorite albums of all time. Its almost as close as any "and only a very small handful of bands have" can get to perfection. Now I'm not saying this is a bad album by any means. Just I think it's inferior to "to the nameless dead" 

All in all though this album gets a very solid score of 


Only con with the album is, Somethings off kilter with the tracks here. They piled all the epics in the beginning on the album, Well not counting "death of the gods" Which is the last song on the album. Just makes me feel they put the strongest tracks up front. meh I know that's a pittance but whatever made me feel weird when I listened to the album. But this is and will be a contender for Album of the year for sure. 

But hey! that's my ONLY con! lulz. And thats just faggoty nitpicking there. 


Thanks for the review! I'm gonna buy my copy of the album today!

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