Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ancestral Legacy - There Is No Birth And Death

Hey you sick fuckers! Shawn here and I got a some music news for you guys, and special news at that.

Ancestral Legacy play a gig this past Friday the 27th, "May in 2011" for those of you who are reading this in the future." They also debut'd a brand new song titled, There Is No Birth And Death. Trust me it's awesome! I'll have a link below so you can check it out.

But here comes the special part, the lyrics used in this song are actually transcribed from a poem I wrote awhile back. Bet you didn't know I wrote poetry did you? hehe Well I do and these guys liked what they read and turned it into this epic song.

They also added some updates to their website with some news about a recent Lineup change and future touring plans. Get all the info you need HERE! And Don't forget to like them on Facebook. I command thee!

Heres the song, Like it, share it, and subscribe to their YouTube channel!


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