Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Legacy of Emptiness - Review

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Well, here we go again. Eddie Risdal is fast becoming one of the most popular members of the website. This is his third time being featured here as Legacy of Emptiness is his newest project. 

Legacy of Emptiness sprang forth from the original incarnation of his band "Ancestral Legacy" As all the members here are original members of that band.  They decided to get back together and re-record some of the best songs from the earliest Ancestral Legacy demos and give them the production they deserved. Thus gave birth to Legacy of Emptiness. 

Though Legacy of Emptiness is quite a different animal than Ancestral Legacy. This album is void of female vocals and is heavier than the more recent Ancestral Legacy albums. 

Alright enough back story, The fact that Eddie Risdal is here should be proof enough that this is going to be an awesome release. 

This album would be hard pressed to be defined by a single genre tag.  It's black metal with symphonic tinges and it also pulls from quite a few other areas as well. But it remains upbeat and beefy through the entire affair. 

The album kicks off with the track. Possessed, And you know right away that your in for a musical journey. While this track has Symphonic sounds to it. It's fucking heavy as hell! Musically this track reminds me of Emperor's "Anthems" album. Trust me people thats a good thing. 

Now for the second track we get something VERY special indeed. "Valley of Unrest" is the track and they've taken a poem by none other than, Edgar Allen Poe. And turned it into some amazing lyrics for this track. And they really did it justice. I would be lying if I said this wasn't my favorite track on the album. 

Another stand out track is "Ringer of Death" Which is a rather slow paced track. But at shortly before the half minute mark is has this incredible Synth/Orchestral build up. Which is extremely pleasing to the ears.

Ahh I almost forgot to mention, the infamous Dan Swano, "Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity" and many others. was the guy who produced/mixed the album. He really did an outstanding job everything on that is picture perfect.

Alright lets get to the bad stuff. And theres only one thing I could find with this release. The track" Cross the Sea" is an epic track. But there are some parts where I disliked the drums. Maybe just a bit to snare heavy for my taste. But the rest of the track is business as usual. And business is good. 

But I would like to point out that drum beat "while I didn't care for it" Was very fitting of the song. So it's not going to effect my score at all. 

Outstanding record from start to finish. Very much looking forward to hearing more from this band. 


Quite possible we'll be seeing this album again in my top ten list in December. 

On a side note, What the fuck is up with 2011? So many amazing albums released so far. I might go as far as to say this has been the best year for metal in the past decade. 


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