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Angela Gossow - Interview - Arch Enemy

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Well here we are, As a die hard fan of this beautiful and extremely talented vocalist. I have to say this interview was truly a pleasure. I've seen Arch Enemy perform live before and they always bring it! And really is there any other woman in metal right now who can rock as hard as Angela? I highly fucking doubt it. Be sure to pick up the new album, "Khaos Legions" When it's released! Support the bands you love. Buy the freaking albums! 

Shawn: Angela, Thanks for taking the time to sit down for this interview. I'm guessing you've been extremely busy lately with the new album "Khaos Legions" Guessing you've been doing tons of Promotion lately. Just how busy have you been lately? Had any time for yourself?

Angela: Well, I always manage to squeeze in my bodyrock.tv workout and I make sure I go out walking or running every day. But besides that its just promotion, pre-production for our very busy summer festival season (dates below), working on new merch designs, stage production (we are designing new elements and video projections) and routing for our upcoming tours in the US September), Asia (October), India (November) and a headline tour in Europe (December). I am up to my throat in work and rehearsals as usual.If you can, catch us live @ these shows we play during the Summer months:

14-May-2011 - Boulevard Festival @ C.O.C. Stadium, Casablanca (Morocco)
27-May-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Switzerland, Pratteln
28-May-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Germany, Dessau
29-May-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Austria, Mining
31-May-2011 - Majestic Music Club, Bratislava (Slovakia)
01-June-2011 Megaclub, Katowice (Poland)
02-June-2011 Eskulap, Poznan (Poland)
04-June-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Hungary
05-June-2011 - Metalfest Open Air Czech Republic
18-June-2011 - Metaltown 2011, Gothenburg (Sweden) 23-June-2011 - Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg 25-June-2011 - Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel (Belgium)
01-July-2011 - Matrix, Bochum (Germany) 02-July-2011 - Fortarock Festival Park Brakkenstein, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
09-July-2011 – Sonisphere Globe Arenas Open Air, Stockholm (Sweden)
10-July-2011 – Sonisphere Knebworth, Apollo Stage (UK)
12-July-2011 - Metal Camp, Tolmin, Slovenia
14-July 2011 - Lez' Art Scenique Festival, Selesat (France)
15-July-2011 - Sonisphere Spain, Getafe-Open Air 22-July-2011 - Tuska, Suvilahti, Helsinki (Finland)
30-July-2011 - MetaLmorphosiS 2011 (Cyprus) 18-August-2011 - Summer Breeze Open Air Dinkelsbühl (Germany)
17-July-2011 - Kavarna Rock Festival, Kavarna, Bulgaria

Shawn: The brand new video for "Yesterday is dead and gone" was just released last week. Can you tell us a bit about the creation of the music video? Also the video reminds me of some of the action in the news. With the rebellions in Egypt and Libya. Was this the statement you wanted to make?

Angela: Yes, the whole album is very inspired by the current Zeitgeist. Rebellion, revolution and personal freedom have always been central themes in my lyrics and right now I can see it unfold in real time in front of my very eyes all over the world and esp. in North Africa and the Middle East. These people have suffered dictatorship for too long and now are willing to go all the way to fight for their basic human and social rights. It is frightening as there are many casualties but at the same time it is a victory of human strength and the ability to fight for what is right - for the future of their children and grand-children. ’Yesterday Is Dead And Gone’ deals exactly with this scenario of uprising and fighting the authorities a corrupt government has put in place, to see the old world go up in flames and make way for a new and better one. We wanted to get that feel in the video as well.

Shawn: "Yesterday is dead and gone" Is the only track I've heard so far off the forthcoming album. And it really sounds like a return to form for the band. What are your opinions? Are you pleased with the outcome of the new album? and How do you it stacks up to the older material?

Angela: This song is very Arch Enemy-esque. Maybe not the most original track, but when you hear it you know this is Arch Enemy. We have a great variety of songs, tempo and influences on the album. Going from ’Arch Enemy trademark’ to classic metal (Under Black Flags We March), death metal (City Of The Dead), thrash metal (Bloodstained Cross), some black metal (Cult Of Chaos) and a quite progressive track called ’Through The Eyes Of The Raven’. It is very varied – so you def. have not heard it all when you heard ’Yesterday Is Dead And Gone’!

Shawn: You are truly an inspiration to metal females all over the world. And have been for a while. How doe's this make you feel? and does this add any pressure to you when your making new music?

Angela: I am a green, liberal, raw food vegan, sport-fanatic atheist anarchist – the perfect role model for everybody out there, haha.. Not just women ;-) Seriously, I am very honest and open about who I am and what I believe in – I want to trigger people’s brains to start thinking for themselves and I hope I can get this message across. I am not really thinking in gender categories at all though. I don’t feel any pressure as I am simply being myself. I am not trying to portrait a different personality then who I really am. Now, that would be hard work.. A lot of people do that. The ‘public’ personality and the ‘private’ personality. Kinda schizophrenic.

Shawn: With "Khaos Legions" Coming out next month, Whats next for the band?

Angela: I have completely booked up 2011 and 2012 with shows. We will do the EU festivals, then go straight to the US in September, then do Asia in October (Loupark 2011 – hells yeah!), India in November (first time for us!), back for a headline club tour in EU in December, have one week off in January 2012, then we continue to tour in Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Israel (also for the first time), then go to Australia in February, South- and Latin-America in March/April, then straight into the EU festival season again with maybe a summer tour in the US wedged in as well. We plan to release a DVD in the autumn 2012 (with lots of footage from all kinds of crazy places in this world) so we have an excuse to keep touring ;-) Then we plan to release a new album in the spring of 2013. I am a tough manager and I am not leaving any room for errors, mental breakdowns and personal problems, haha. The Arch Enemy machine keeps rolling.

Shawn: I was lucky enough to see you guys perform live in Charlotte North Carolina during the Ozzfest tour(2005), Even got my signed copy of the "Doomsday Machine" after waiting in line at the fye tent. And it was truly a pleasure to meet you and see you perform live. Can we look forward to some extensive touring of the United States for the new album? The metal fans over here are in some serious need of some Pure Fucking Metal!

Angela: Oh yes! We have just gotten an awesome line-up together for our upcoming US tour in September.. We are going to have a very American high energy extreme metal band with us, plus a cool, young yet old-school trash-metal band and an exotic black/oriental metal band with a very lovely female bass player.. Let the guessing game begin ;-)

Shawn: I know you've been doing tons of touring since the 2007 release of "Rise of the Tyrant" But Why did it take you guys so long to get back into the studio? Your fans have been ravenous for more!

Angela: Oh, we released ROTT then threw ourselves in a tour bus or in a plane, did a couple of rounds across the globe, released ‘Tyrants Of The Rising Sun – Live In Japan’ in 2008, kept touring, released ‘The Root of All Evil’ in 2009, toured some more and then finally we started to get bored with our own music in 2010 and went into the studio right after our UK tour in November last year.. I had all that planned out in the beginning of 2009 already and we stuck to that plan of course. I am Ze Dscherman manager who keeps everybody in line and on course, haha.

Shawn: What are some of your personal musical inspirations? And what got you into metal in the first place?

Angela: I am a child of the early 90ies death and thrash metal scene. Morbid Angel, Entombed, Carcass, Dismember, Edge Of Sanity, Obituary, Death, Massacre, Slayer, Coroner, Testament, Kreator, Destruction, Master, Napalm Death.. These bands have been the soundtrack of my life ever since. I love the energy, fire, passion, brutality and intensity of this music. It gives me hope, strength, joy, relief.. It makes me feel really fucking good! That’s why I got into it and that’s why I listen to it ‘til the day I fall out of my rocking chair and gasp my last breath.. Pull The Plug!

Shawn: Ozzy era or Dio era black sabbath?

Angela: I love Dio to death. Dio-era!

Shawn: Well Angela, Thank you very much for doing this interview. We've reached the end here, if there’s anything you would like to add or share feel free. The final word is yours!

Angela: Be yourself, think for yourself, question all authorities and so-called ‘truths’ and stay pure fucking metal! Hope to thrash with you all out there! Get “Khaos Legions’ and support the bands you love. Music must never die!



she could kill me stone cold, damn, and i would let her.

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