Monday, May 2, 2011

V:28 - Review - Violution

I have no words for how kind you guys have been to me with these reviews you've chosen via the new voting system. And I really want to thank you for that. So far you've voted for nothing but stellar fucking albums. "Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga don't count there." I saw you crazy fucks vote for those... 

Anyway. V:28 is an extremely unique and talented band from Norway. My friend Morfeus suggested I give them a listen a few years back and I'm fucking so glad for that. There is no other band out there like these guys. And maybe never will be. 

V:28 is a three piece, and I'd like to categorize their music into a certain sub-genre. But I find that nearly impossible to do. They play a mixture of Industrial, Black, Death, and even some thrash in there to sweeten the deal. Lets call it "The Soundtrack to the Apocalypse" Which is exactly what these guys preach about in their music. 

V:28 released three albums and Violution was the final of the three. They are all concept albums and they all tell the same story. The deconstruction of the planet via war. They've been leading us up to this point with the two previous albums. And trust me, the end on this album is the end for the band as well. 

V:28 followed the concept they had down to a T. When the end of the world happens in the lyrics here on this album. The band themselves disbanded. I mean how could they go on? The world is gone and I don't think a "Reconstruction" Trilogy would sound right at all. 

Songs like, "Desert Generator" "Pattern of the Weak" and "Shut it Down" Are the highlights on this album to be sure. But the entire album is something important. And even though the band is no more the outstanding trilogy of albums they released will always have a spot in my music player. 

They pull out all the stops on this album. They even bring in some guest vocals on this album, like Garm of Ulver, Mike VanPortfleet of Lycia, and Ghost of GGFH. Combine that with the cold and nothingness you'll feel while listening to this album and you'll never ever be sorry you picked up this album. 

They even make use of some awesome samples. One of my favorite shows is a show called "Carnivale" and the final track, "when entropy decreases" Makes use of some amazing sound bytes from the show. My favorite being, "And so it was that the fate of Mankind kind came to rest
on the trembling shoulders of the most reluctant of saviors..." It just really breathes life into the song. And creates a perfect ending to this amazing trilogy they have presented us with. 

Vocals are delivered by, Eddie Risdal. You should know him. If you've been keeping up I interviewed him last month. :) The vocals are done in a really "cold" and "emotionless" Manner. They have a growling aspect, But they aren't really "deathlike" More of a primal screaming. A war cry if you will. And his voice is perfectly befitting this sonic explosion. 

Every member plays their instrument with precision. And some people bitch because they use a drum machine. But that adds something to their music. A real Machine like thumping in the background. It never wavers, never gives up and sits back their emotionless the entire time as the album takes you on this journey..

There are a lot of reasons to love this album. But this album cannot be mentioned without mentioning the two previous albums. NonAnthropogenic and SoulSaviour. Please do yourself the favor of picking up the entire trilogy. it's more than worth it and you can thank me later. 

I've tried and tried and tried to find a con for this album. And I confess I can only find one thing. Some of the samples that are used on some of the songs are a little bit to low in the mix. But lets be honest, If that's the only con that itself is proof of this albums awesomeness. 



Good job. V:28 are my favorite band of all time and the greatest influence on me :)

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