Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Multinational Corporations - Review - Equality (DEMO)

If your interested and would like to learn more about them, Check them out on Facebook. 

Multinational Corporations is a Grindcore band hailing from Pakistan. I don't really know much about the band myself. But you can totally feel the hatred of America on this demo. Even the cover art "Which is US dollar toilet paper" 

Well, The first thing i'd like to mention is the fact that I don't like Grindcore. lol So be sure to check out the band for yourself if you're into it. 

This has really bad production, but I tried to keep in mind that this was a demo from Pakistan after all. But I give them credit for putting it together. And to be honest I didn't even know Pakistan had a metal scene until I spoke with the guitarist of this band. 

The album starts off with the track, Presidential Castration. And we get exactly what we expect. Grind! Very much Punk inspired as well "Which I also dislike lol". We're subjected to some pretty simplistic riffs on this track. But it does have an interesting Spoken word bit near the end. Pretty much the only part I enjoyed on this track. 

Then we have,  Immolating the Parliament. Which is a pretty much standard Grind track. And it's only 1:17 in length. It's not that bad of a track. But I'm not digging the guitars here. Not really liking the guitar sound they are using here. Just not "meaty" enough for my taste for this style of music.  

And finally we have,  Pakistan Zindabad. It's just an Acoustic track with what sound like sound clips from news reports. I actually like this track somewhat. Even though there are some fuck ups with the guitar work. But it's a powerful track nonetheless. I enjoy the light and simple guitar riff in contrast with the sound clips. 

All in all this album wasn't my cup of tea. Not to much a fan of grindcore and the production was a turn off for me. But if you're into grind and aren't afraid of some poor production be sure to check them out. Maybe they'll get some better production for their next release. Would be nice to see a band from Pakistan get some buzz in the Metal scene. 



"But you can totally feel the hatred of America on this demo. Even the cover art "Which is US dollar toilet paper"

Umm.We dont hate America. We love American music. The artwork is just a statement of what we feel about our leaders worshipping the dollar.

Otherwise thanks for the review!! Nice to get some opinions from someone not into Punk and Grind. :)

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