Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silencer - Death Pierce Me - Review

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Well here we go again, Silencer is a Depressive Black Metal band from good ole Sweden. And they are mostly know for the front mans history, Not sure on the REAL story but I've heard a few versions. 

1) He murdered a child with an axe 
2) He cut off his hands during the recording of this album
3) He spent five years in an Asylum

Well it remains to be seen exactly which of those are true, or if they are just some type of hype used for the band. Well never mind all that bullshit lets get to the review here. 

This album starts out with the title track, Death Pierce Me. It starts off with a soft and melancholic aucostic riff that last about a minute... Well then it goes completely insane after that, regardless of all the shit I listed that might or might not have happened with the vocalist, one thins is true. You have to be pretty fucked up to belch out vocals like this fucker does. 

For the next track we have, Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels. Yea I'm not joking thats the title. It's a little more slow paced than the title track was but the vocalist still uses those crazy as Black Metal vocals, and even uses some "Spoken Word" in this track... If you really wanna call it that. lol 

For the fourth track we have, The Slow Kill In The Cold. Which is more than likely the highlight of the album. It just has more "musically" than the rest of the tracks. Some repeated samples shortly after the halfway mark and the guitars are varied on this album more than the other tracks. Sometimes I can even feel some "thrash" in this track. 

I'm kind of torn on this track, I absolutely LOVE the music on this album. But I find myself lost with the vocals. I just really don't "get" the sound he's using here. It comes off as cheesy in parts and WAY over the top in others. I know this is suppose to be "Depressive Black Metal" But meh...

I'm also bored with all the bullshit I hear about the vocalist, at first I thought it was cool, until I realized there was a 99% chance it was all bullshit just to get some infamy in the black metal scene. And sadly it's worked, fans really need to open there eyes and understand that just because somethings said, that doesn't mean its true. 

Look at the vocalist of shining for instance. The band claimed he KILLED himself and was replaced by a close friend on vox via his wishes. Which will all know was a load of bullshit to get some hype around the band. And sorry guys.... I fucking hate shining. 

But bullshit aside, I enjoyed this album, but I can only take so much of the vocals. I would love if someone would send me a version of this album with no vocals. :D 



Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels is a masterpiece, incredible singing throughout the album, pace changes are intense. Best black metal album ever made.

its really a Masterpiece... till today im not able to find better thn ths album....

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