Monday, May 23, 2011

Dimension F3H - Does The Pain Excite You? - Review

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Well first off I'd like to thank everyone who voted for this album, always makes me super fucking happy when you guys vote for something I personally love! Kudos you crazy fucks! 

Does The Pain Excite you? Is an album I've known and loved since it was released in 2007. They play a VERY unique mixture of Trash/Industrial and a hint of some other stuff in the mixture as well. This band is pretty hard to classify so I'm not going to attempt to do it myself. But It's be called "Kickass Bladerunner Thrash" Which is very fitting with the Industrial and Electronic elements used on this album. 

Some of you should already know the man behind the helm on this album is none other than Morfeus, formerly of Limbonic Art and more recently a session member of Mayhem. So it's no surprise that this album kicks a lot of ass right? 

This is a ten track affair clocking in at just over fifty minutes in length and the first thing your going to hear is the track "Babylon" Which is a pretty straight forward metal track with more than enough riffs to break your neck too. And some very interesting synth work here as well. 

Then they change it up completely with the next track, "Cyberqueen" Which is one of my favorite tracks on the album. This track is much slower and methodical in the way it gets you into it,  more of a groove than anything and the effect Morfeus uses on his voice for this track is completely fitting of the song and the lyrics. The track is just a driving force and will no doubt prepare you for the rest of the album. .

Another stand out track for me is "Echochamber" which has an amazing intro with a woman talking, basically apologizing to someone with some amazing sound effects. That leads into a kickass synth part then the track gets starts. It starts off pretty slow but once it gets going it fucking pummels you. Just a badass track and without a doubt my favorite track on the album. I kinda feel a little Sepultura-esque in the riffing on this track, and you know that's not a bad thing at all. 

All in all this is an amazing album, every instrument is played to perfection. Mr Moe is on bass here and he does exactly whats expected of him. and Cato really shines on the drums, that man is truly a beast behind the kit and deserves more attention then he gets. 

I do have a con, just a single con about this album. The track "Pint Point Dead Man Practice" leaves me a little dead in the water. Not that's it's a bad track by any means, but just it feels inferior to the rest of the tracks on this album. And to be honest I'm not really sure what turns me off about it, just never really felt it stood up well next to the rest of the amazing tracks on this album. 


Highly suggest this album for any metal fan, esp if your into industrial and electronic infused metal as well. You won't be disappointed with this album I guarantee it. 


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