Thursday, May 19, 2011

Daniel Henningham - 02/10/85 - 05/10/11

This review is in honor of Daniel Henningham, a dear friend of mine from Australia who passed away recently. This album was his choice for the poll I did recently for "Best Metal Album" Sadly it didn't get enough votes to win but I'm going to do it just for you Daniel. 

I'll miss our chats, your crazy sense of humor and your intense love of Seinfeld. You are and shall always remain in my heart brother. Wherever you are I truly hope you've found peace. 

Rest well my brother, I'll be along soon. 
Cheers Mate! 

Dan Henningham of Sydney Aus. - 02/10/85 - 05/10/11

Exhumed - Slaughtercult 

Exhumed hails from San Jose, California and they played mostly Grindcore until the release of this album. Then they shifted into a more "Deathlike" style but they kept their Grind roots. 

Well let's just dive right into the review here, this album pulls no punches It's heavy from start to finish. The first track is "Decrepit Crescendo" and it gets brutal immediately. Just non stop action the entire way through this 34 minute album. Actually this is one of those albums where, well hell the entire thing sounds the same lol. Might as well be a 34 minute single track. 

All the lyrics on this album are exactly what you would expect, heres an example from the track 
"Dinnertime In The Morgue"

"Bowels bleeding black - As they are consumed
Intestinal tract - splatters all over your tomb
Consuming impulse - The larvae are gorged
The corpse starts to convulse - Dinnertime in the morgue"

Nothing new and nothing surprising on this album. This is the type of music that you put on for the sheer brutality. Just to have something to bang your head to, this is without a doubt not a "thinking mans" music. 

But while this album feels stale and underproduced in parts, It does retain a certain "Charm" The instruments are played with skill, there is no doubting that. And for the most part the vocalist is doing a decent job on the mic, thats for sure. 
This album is wonderful if you just want something heavy in the background that you don't need to think to awful much about to enjoy it. 



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