Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Katana - Review - Heads Will Roll

I was confused at first when I started this album. This album has the spirit and sound of the early 80s! They are perfectly channeling classic Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and other traditional heavy metal bands. I can say I enjoyed this release, they are "successfully" bringing back the classic sound and bringing it up to date with good production and outstanding musicianship.

Tracks like, "Neverending World" "Livin without fear" and "Quest for Hades" proves this band is no joke and they are hear to stay for a long time. 

The singer has the perfect mix of "Rob Halford" and "Bruce Dickinson" but he still manages to keep his originality. He's pitch perfect on all of the tracks on this album. And with a couple more good albums under his belt I'm very sure he'll make quite a name for himself. 

The guitars are played to perfection on this album. Perfect sound and the guitarists are quite skilled with their dual guitar attack. Loved what they do on this album. The solos in "Heart of Tokyo" are proof these guys know what they are doing behind the axe. 

They have stellar production on this album, nothing is lost in the mix but I do have some cons. 

The drummer seems a bit bored back there on a few of the tracks. Just nothing interesting going on behind the kit for me. 
The singer, While I enjoy his performance. He struggles with his English a bit and his Swedish accent is extremely strong. I'd suggest a few English lessons before they record another album. 
And finally, I'm not really digging the lyrics to much on this release. Not that they are "bad" per say but they're just not for me. I just felt a lack of flow on some of the tracks.


I Enjoyed the album and I'll keep my eye out on this band. They could be doing something special.

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