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Split Roast - Review - Condate Records

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Alright, Lets do something different today. I'm going to review a sampler called "Split Roast" by Condate Records. This album is clocking it at nearly 60 minutes. And it features 20 tracks from five different bands. So I figured i'd mix it up and review each band individually then average the score at the end. 

The bands this split features are, Cancerous Womb, Colonel Blast, Diascorium, Dyscaphia, Magpyes. 

Colonel Blast: 
1. Power By Proxy - 4:33
2. The Crime Is Passion - 5:04

I'm liking these tracks, More straight forward "classic" death with some noticeable thrash influence here. They even have a hint of "Progressiveness" in the mix on the first song. "Power by Proxy" The ending is quite epic and totally unexpected after listening to the first half of the song. 

All in all great stuff! I will be seeking this band out in the future. And I suggest you do so as well. 

Cancerous Womb:
3. Torn From Gunt To Cunt - 3:10
4. Tepid Decrepit - 3:50
5. Austrian Basement (live) - 4:42

Alright, this band is much more straight forward DeathGrind. But it's not all that bad. The first track "Torn From Gut To Cunt" is a very nice headbanging track. But, The drum are a little to high in the mix for my taste. they should be dropped back a bit. The second track "Tepid Decrepit" is more of a laid back track and a little bit more slow paced. But still enjoyable. Same annoying drum sound though. The third track from them is "Austrian Basement" Not digging that one at all. The riffing is pretty solid but It's not getting my attention. 

Decent tracks I enjoyed listening to them but I'm not to sure I'll seek them out in the future. 

6. Lord Ov Swords - 1:12
7. Warning - 0:44
8. The Creeping Hand - 0:55
9. Willem Fucking Defoe - 3:42
10. Sir, You Forget Yourself - 0:50
11. Wolf Bukkake - 0:50
12. North West Smash Test - 1:20

I'm not sure what to call this next band. They play a mix of Black and Grind, They kind of remind me of a bad version of "Anaal Nathrakh" their third track "The Creeping Hand" has some outstanding riffing though, I'm enjoying that much. Their fourth track "Willem Fucking Defoe" is probably my favorite track of theirs. It's more slow paced "but still fast as fuck" and it has a little more black in the mix. Which i'm enjoying since Black Metal is my favorite sub-genre. 

Enjoyed two of their tracks "Willem Fucking Defoe" and "The Creeping Hand" But the rest is surely forgettable. 

13. Impious Conflagration - 4:18
14. Altars To The Wretched - 4:24
15. Enshrined In Pestilence - 6:31

Alright, this band got my attention right at the start, they had an epic little Piano intro flavored with a girl crying in the background. Surely an epic way to get them started. They play a mixture of Grindcore and Brutal Death. And I must confess I am enjoying this band quite a lot. "Impious Conflagration" is the highlight for me. But the rest of the tracks are enjoyable as well. Well recorded and played with Precision. 

I will be checking out this band in the future. Their musicianship and overall attitude make for a very enthralling listen. 

16. My Own Exegesis - 1:33
17. The Mechanics Of Serenity - 2:52
18. Interjection... - 1:03
19. Reduction To The Absurd - 3:45
20. Self Modifying Game (Incandescence Remix) - 4:21

Ok, this band plays a mixture of Technical and brutal Death. I Confess I was pretty much bored throughout all their tracks. Feels like they are trying a bit to hard with not enough substance. But "The Mechanics Of Serenity" and "Reduction To The Absurd" had me bobbing my head a bit. But just a little. 

Never been a fan of Tech Death of any variety. 

Overall i'll give this Split a 7/10 some enjoyable stuff to be had here. And it's being sold for only Five British Pounds. Pretty much a steal! So be sure to pick this up if you saw anything of interest here. 

If your interested head on over to Condate Records to preorder your copy today. 

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