Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iced Earth - Review - The Crucible Of Man

Alright, This isn't my first time hearing this album of course. Iced Earth is one of my favorite bands of all time and I own all their albums. But alright lets get down to the meat and bones of this review. 

"The Crucible Of Man" marks the return of Matt Barlow to the band "and a few weeks before I wrote this review he announced he's leaving..... again" But I wish him well in whatever future endeavors he decides to tackle. I'm sure he'll do well. 

While this is an Iced Earth album. I feel it just falls flat, It sounds like iced earth, It looks like iced earth, but it just doesn't feel like iced earth. After the intro we get "Behold the wicked child" which is almost a typical iced earth song. But it just feels lighter, And I guess that's my problem with this entire album. They dialed back the heaviness in place of a more "Hard Rock" feel. 

Matt Barlow's vocals on this album just feel...  Well they lack his normal emotion which is what makes him one of my favorite vocalists of all time. While he sounds good on some tracks "Minions of the Watch" and "Crucify the King" are both good examples of the normal Matt Barlow sound. But I'm not feeling him to much on the rest of the tracks. And trust me, that makes me very sad to say that about him. 

This album is filled to bursting with your normal iced earth sound, Galloping riffs, Cool solos, and great song writing. But like I've mentioned earlier, It just feels "Lighter" to me for some reason. And well I'm not digging the sound here as I normally do. 

It pains me to give this album a low score, As Iced Earth is one of my favorite bands. But in all honesty this album just doesn't do it for me. I've been rather bored with the band since "The Glorious Burden" was released. While that was a "good" album it only had three songs I truly enjoyed, and come back to often "the Gettysburg Trilogy" 

Let's hope they bring it with the next album. I truly hope so. 



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