Thursday, June 16, 2011

Assyrian - Self Portrait - Review

Assyrian has been around since 2009 and today I'll be reviewing their new EP, Self Portrait. They claim to be Dark, Progressive, Death, Doom, Post Metal. And even with all those genre tags i'd still have to say they are stepping outside the box on this EP.

The album starts off with "Impromptu" which can even sound a little like "Black Metal" at times with a little bit of drone thrown into the mix as well. This is a rather slow track which what feels like some improvised guitar work. I'm liking the sound here though.

I admit I was a little apprehensive about reviewing this album, the massive list of genres kinda scared me a little. But I can happily say this album was an absolute pleasure to listen to. I'd also like to mention that I will not be able to genre tag this release. So much going on in this album and I will not delude it with a shit ton of unnecessary genre tags.

This album can appeal to fan of heavy music, as well as fans of band along the lines of "Opeth" or even "Novembers Doom" But at the same time they remain unique.This band is doing something special and I am greatly looking forward to their future works.

Only a few cons with this album

The track, Phobos seemed a little out of place to me.
And the mix was a little rough on some of the tracks. But I'm letting that slide seeing as this is a self released Ep. They did absolutely amazing work with what they had.


Amazing album from start to finish!



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