Thursday, June 23, 2011

Somnae - Forever More - Review

This weeks review by Bert: Somnae Forever More EP

Hailing from the darkest reaches of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest, Somnae employ a very specific and strategic nod to the Swedish Gothenburg sound. Somnae also elicits a wink to Opeth’s first three records, but that doesn’t detract anything from what they’re accomplishing here. Being a long time fan of the Swedish style, to hear it so close to home is a little strange, yet its alluring. Little is known about this band, they employ guitarists Ernesto Oropeza, Rob Steinway, bass and vocalist Krelian. I picked this up at the now defunct Discotek store on a whim, and I was impressed.

Forever More sounds different, in that there is a prose and fluidity. Guitar tone is heavy, using a flexible ambient texture, with an emotionally atmospheric timber. Vocally its gruffer, sometimes bleeding out into the background, perhaps because of the mix. The drumming is precise, and somewhat moodily driven. The overall feel is dark as hell, but temperate in its conceptual scope. Its vast and illuminates with each of the three tracks: Forever More, An Ominous Strain, and Fragile Tomorrow. For me this experience was short, and I yearn to hear more as there was talk of a full length down the road. I eagerly await its eventual release.

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