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Mr Moe - Interview

Mr Moe has been a heavy hitter in the Norwegian metal scene for awhile now. He's Currently in Dimension F3H, Trail of Tears, and Cutthroat. And also did some session bass work for the band, Kampfar. Thankfully he was gracious enough to agree to an interview! So sit back, relax and enjoy the read! 

Shawn: Good evening Mr Moe, Thanks for taking the time to do this interview! You recently returned from some touring with Kampfar as a session bass player. How did that go? And can we expect any more work between you and Kampfar in the future?

Mr Moe: Heey! No problem, the pleasure is mine. Yes, I was on the road with Kampfar for a two weeks period in Europe. It was a co headliner tour together with fellow countrymen Vreid, Secrets Of The Moon from Germany and also Krakow from Norway as support. It was over all expectations! I had basically a bit more then ten days to learn their hole sett-list and one weekend rehearsal together as a whole band before the tour started, and we all kicked ass every night! Kampfar is a little bit different then what I do normally, and their fans are so into it in a way that i wasn’t really used to, so It was a great experience for me. I was a little nervous for what the diehard Kampfar fans would say, but far as I know all their fans was satisfied and the feedback has been overwhelming! Jon, their permanent bass player witch had to sit out of the tour due personal reasons, are back on track again and ready to shred the bass that only he can! So my job is done and I wish them good luck on the US-tour that starts in September. Make sure to check them out!

Shawn: You've been a heavyweight in the Norwegian Metal community for awhile now. With your work in, Trail of Tears, Dimension F3H, and Cutthroat. and you've always toured all over, So how does other countries compare to Norwegian concerts? And where do you prefer to gig at?

Mr Moe: It is difficult to say. I dont think I have any spesific places that I prefer above another . Each country has its charm, and a different type of audience. I dont wan`na sit here and compare, but ofcourse I have felt the difference between a show in my hometown and Mexico! Ha ha

Shawn: How old were you when you decided you wanted to be a musician? and what was your greatest inspiration to pick up the Bass?

Mr Moe: I started to play drums when I was 6-7 years old and got my first drum kit when I was 10. At that time I got really into the music-thing and I also started to play some guitar, piano and bass guitar in the same period. I also was in a marching band as a drummer in 6 years before had a little stop with the playing before I decided to concentrate 100% on the bass . I think the inspiration to concentrate on bass and to be serious about it, was the fact that I wanted to be more in the front. Easy as that! Just run around on stage and head bang ;) I also have to say that I haven’t felt so dedicated and hungry as I am at the moment, so my main goal now is to travel around and play music as much as I can. 

Shawn: Working on any new music with any of your bands at the moment? and any news you can share?

Mr Moe: Yeah, it is a lot happening this days and I am really exited about it. We have been working some months now with pre-production for the new Trail Of Tears album. I have a really good feeling, and I am so looking forward to start recording it in September at Sound Suite Studios in Marseille, France. We have also started making plans about a new Cutthroat album, and I hope that before the year is done, we have released a new death metal album. When it comes to Dimension F3h, Morfeus are working on new material and the songs that I have heard Is the best DF3H songs ever made, but since he is quite busy with Mayhem and we others also have our bands and projects, we are not in any hurry at the moment. My guess is that we will start recording early in 2012 and then do some shows right after.

Shawn: You've worked with quite a few bands. So which would you say is the album your the most proud of?

Mr Moe: I am proud of every record I have been so lucky to be a part of, but I have to say that I am really looking forward to Trail Of Tears upcoming album. This Is a album that we have been working on for a long time now, and its the first album that I have a central roll in the song making, and not only my part as a bass player. It has been a really creative journey for me personally.

Shawn: You toured the USA a few years back. How did you enjoy the tour? and any Spinal Tap moments?
Mr Moe: Definitely! Trail Of Tears did a headliner tour there back in 2008 together with Echoes Of Eternity and Unexpected as support. It was total 23 shows In one month , with also three shows in Canada and one show in Mexico. It was a great tour, and we did see many cool places. One of the highlights was to play at the legendary Whiskey Go Go in Hollywood. I really felt a good atmosphere there! I cant remember any specific story’s, but since this was my first big and long tour, I learned that you don’t have to party every day or second day after a show! It was some moments that I was so tired that I was laying in my bunk on the bus sleeping the whole day before the next gig, but anyways the tour was a big success and we gave the fans something to remember every night.
One strange moment I remember very well was when Dimension F3h was supporting Mayhem on their tour In Europe. We played for a full packed O2 Academy Islington In London. I don’t think the Mayhem fans in the first rows with corpsepaint enjoyed our Cyber Thrash music a lot, because they where standing and shouting, spitting and gave us the finger! he he

Shawn: Any tours lined up for any of your bands right now? An American tour by chance? 
Mr Moe: Besides some single shows and festivals the upcoming months, we are going to do six shows In China and one show In Taiwan In November/December with Trail Of Tears. We have also postponed a south America tour, so I believe we do this is the fall/spring of 2012. As for North America I don’t know at this moment, but its not impossible that we come back in the nearest future. Maybe its time to get Dimension F3h to the states as well? That’s an idea I like!

Shawn: So what do you do outside of music? Pastimes? Hobbies?

Mr Moe: Well, music is a big thing in my life obviously, but if I’m not playing/rehearsal or making music I just like to be together with my fiance and hanging out with friends. I like to watch movies, TV, play poker, fishing ,computer , riding my motorcycle (one year since last ride), or just relax on the couch.

Shawn: Ozzy era or Dio era Black Sabbath?

Mr Moe: Ozzy! The reason is simply because I grew up listening to Black Sabbath with Ozzy, and to be honest I know very little about the Dio period.

Shawn: Well that will conclude our interview, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. and if there’s anything you would like to add or share feel free,
The final word is yours!

Mr Moe: Thanks for the interest, Shawn! In metal we trust, rocks!!


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