Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shroud of Despondency - Objective: Isolation - Review

Shroud of Despondency is a United States Black Metal band, and I'll be reviewing their third full length, Objective: Isolation. I confess I get nervous whenever I first hear USBM, as I've never been a fan of Americas version of my favorite sub-genre. 

Shroud of Despondency, Isn't your normal USBM outfit though. While they are playing black metal here, they add in some things from the modern metal scene here in the USA. A few flourishes on the track "This Transcends Belief" that are more akin to Deathcore than black metal. 

They seem to add plenty of variety to their music. Which at the very least makes this an enjoyable album. Tracks like "A Life Well lived" and "Wound" show they aren't just another annoying and bland USBM playing the same sorry style of Americanized black metal that we are use to hearing from the states. 

I can say I enjoyed this album, The production is spot on, and they play their instruments very well. Anyone whose doesn't like USBM should give this band a shot. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this band in the future. 

But the track, "Silence After The Downfall" is without a doubt the track that takes a step forward and makes a bold statement. From the epic intro with the news caster talking about a nuclear detonation. And from there the track just grows and grows until it finally hits a climax and moves into an epic outro. This track just has to be heard. 


I must look further into this bands catalog and see what else they have to offer, this was an incredibly enjoyable album. 

I don't always metal, But when I do I'm more metal than you.


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