Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Turbocharged - AntiXtian - Review

I am a seeker of new music. I’m on a constant lookout for anything different. My process involves separation of prior knowledge of any genre. It can be a dead weight especially when it comes to prior proveclivity, and it helps be impartial until one has fully grasped the intent. One has to separate oneself from the equation, while letting the ear ingests the premise. It helps to have a solid foundation with an open mind and a distinguishable ear. I am forever grateful for having spent my younger years combing through anything I could hear. Though I’m an older listener, and fan of metal in a general terms, I am always open to fresh minds, and new ideas.

During my downtime I’m usually parsing the internets for whatever strikes my listening fancy. Upon my many online jaunts last year, I stumbled upon Turbocharged via their myspace page. My first impression was their rawness and unrelenting attitude. The production on with their demo material was a work in progress. Little did I know they had released a full length late in the year.

AntiXtian is full of gnarly vocals and a lethal dose of dislike toward anything related to christianity. Whereas the guitar tone is like a chainsaw rumbling around inside my skull, tussled with a fuzzy distorted bass tone, all while the drumming is unforgiving, and pummeling.

The intro track is a warning, whereas track 2: AntiXtian builds its slow ascent. Bass, and guitar are distinguishable at first, as the drums settle into a groove. Then track 3 slams the listeners ears with a razor blade bass and guitar. The record itself is a wall of smeared vestiges of darkness, and death to all religions.

Every song evokes major aggressive tendencies. Nothing about this album says please be fair because I’m timid. AntiXtian is brutal and nasty to its core. Turbocharged are a pissed off roaring metal band, and employ it in gapes and maws.

But where does this lead me the listener? Does this impact stay upon repeated listens? I hope this isn’t going to be it, but then again I’m kind of tripping over wanting to like this, and other the hand want rip this release asunder for all its uses of lyrical cliches, and by the paint by numbers metal anthems.

To be fair, they get kudos for being fierce, damning, and focused. On the flip side, its some of the most redundant concepts I’ve heard. I would have liked a little variety with the lyrical content, otherwise the group doesn’t lack strong musicianship, nor aggression. I give this record two out of five stars. Maybe their next release will have something more varied? One can hope right? Thanks for reading.

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