Saturday, June 4, 2011

Havok - Time Is Up - Review

Alright, heard about this album a few days ago from a friend of mine, after checking a song on YouTube I had to review this album.

Havok plays thrash metal with a classic sound. Hard to believe this is a new album, this album totally takes me back to the old school days of thrash. And trust me that's a very welcome feeling. This album just grabbed me by the collar and didn't let me go until it finished. A pure sonic assault on my senses. The bands been around since 2004, and to be honest there are plenty of new bands playing with the classic thrash sound, but they pull it off flawlessly on this album.

The music on this album reminds me a lot of Overkill's earlier work and the vocals here are like a mixture of Tom Araya from Slayer, and Bobby Blitz from Overkill. And that's a nice combo if you ask me. Tracks like, D.O.A, Covering Fire, and Time Is Up, prove that this band is here to stay and thrash the fuck out for years to come.

The drummer is doing some crazy shit here, Keeping in time but throwing in some crazy fillers and rolls. Mad respect for his skill behind the kit. I'm going to have to keep my eye on him for sure.

The twin guitar attack on this album is outstanding, The riffing is more than solid and the solos are freaking top notch. They might be young but they are playing like old pros here.

Ok, time for a few cons here, don't worry it's only a few. ;)

1) The bass is a little to low in the mix for my taste. Could have been turned up just a little bit.
2) While they are doing some pure thrash, and I'm loving that for sure! I'm just concerned that they aren't really adding anything. "new" to their sound. To be honest if I had heard this song and not known who the band was I would have assumed they were "insert random classic thrash band here"

I think they need to work on their own identity for some future releases, but please don't go fucking Djent!

But all that aside, this was a fucking outstanding album. And if you're a fan of thrash metal this is without a doubt a MUST own!

"I don't always metal, but when I do I'm more metal than you."



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