Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crimfall - The Writ of Sword - Review

Alright, time to review the new Crimfall album. Crimfall is a Finnish band and Metal Archives has them down as Symphonic/Power/Viking/Folk metal. lol That's a hefty list of genres right there.

Well, I can agree with the genre tagging, their pulling in influences from tons of other styles. And honestly? It's working. I don't get into Power metal much anymore, but they add in some Death Growls and Vikingesque styles enough to keep me interested.

They have two vocalists here, male and female, and the female vox is just beautiful. Helena has a wonderful voice that adds plenty of depth to the music, and Mikko adds his harsh vocals at just the right times. When the music is on the heavier side.

The album is just "epic" total battle metal with some symphonic edges. "Frost upon their graves" actually reminds me of Arkona in a way. I'm not comparing the two only saying the track reminded me of a track from Arkona. And I like Arkona, so that's not a band thing. Actually it kind of feels like they've taken what Battlelore is doing and ran with it. And at the same time added their own style.

The Male vocalist has some great harsh vocals, He almost uses a Black Metal rasp. It's comes off great with the style of extreme metal they dish out.

They add just about everything to the mix on this album, the track  Shackles Of The Moirai even has a black metal feel to it.

Honestly? I loved this album. Quite an enjoyable play through! Yet another great Finnish band, and no I don't count HIM among the great Finnish bands. >_>

Tracks like,  Shackles Of The Moirai, Frost Upon Their Graves, and the title track The Writ of Sword are without a doubt the highlights on this album  Do yourself a favor and check out this band!

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