Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Speed\Kill/Hate - Out For Blood

Another fine review by Bert and this time I’m dissecting Out For Blood by Speed\Kill/Hate. I’m comfortable with saying this right here, its a heavy nasty pile drive punch to the face. There is balls to the wall speed, dripping with male attitude, all combined in a ten song package to chew through. It also helps to know there are two clear prominently important people in this band; Dave Linsk guitarist of Overkill, and drummer Tony Ochoa of ex-Sindrome.

I love the drumming on this record. The fast sputtering, intricate mixes of rhythms, and seamless cymbal work Tony employs are a joy to behold. Tony punches through each song with purposeful ferociousness all while not compromising anything.

Then there is Dave’s guitar work. He employs a high end treble crunch that ‘s distinguishable from modern players. I’d give the comparison to Fight’s second album A Small Deadly Space in which that guitarist Mark Chaussee used to similar effect. Dave’s application of the three chord groove, and his pitch perfect soloing enticed me into taking up playing air guitar, while throwing up my horns.

Dave Linsk vocals employ a hardcore style. He sings like his throat is about to explode. At first listen its holy crap, he’s pissed off, and then after repeated

listens the intensity wears down. His belting out, screaming, playing guitar at the same time, amidst all his fiery tenaciousness keeps it interesting

Breeding Hate is my favorite track, as its varied. Wheres the remaining nine tracks pretty much are on par with the most punishing metal. Out For Blood is really mean sounding record. I give the band exemplary kudos for their outstanding musicianship, but can get put off by the overload of male attitude.

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bob barnak sings vocals on this record

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