Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bambu Jessica (Suicide Girl) - Interview

Bambu Jessica is a Model, Performance Artist, Hula Hoop Master, and a Suicide Girl as well.
Shit she does it all! and Continues to remain super hot and super cool through it all.
You've probably seen her before and i bet you money you had to wipe the drool off your mouth! 

This interview was the shit guys! Huge fan of this chick! She rocks the fuck out! 
I must admit i was ecstatic when she agreed to do the interview,  and while she 
may not be a Musician she surely ranks up there with one of the most interesting
people I've ever interviewed! Thanks a ton Bambu! 

Good Evening Bambu! and Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to do this interview! 
So as you know In Metal We Trust, Is a Metal blog/Website for my Metal group on Facebook
So what type of music gets your motor running? 


Music, Color, and Love are essentials in my world. Ive always been a wild child rocker. My mother took me to my first concert when i was 5 years old- Ted Nugent. Then followed Alice Cooper, Def Leopard and many more! I feel blessed to have been exposed to live music so young. It shaped who I am today. 
I love love love System Of A Down (absolute fav), Coheed and CambriaMars Volta, Tool, Puscifer...
 so many. 

You've Posed for the Suicide Girls in the past, "and your actually my favorite suicide girl" hehe 
So can you tell us what that was like? and any hope of More work with 
the Suicide Girls in the future? 

It's good to be your favorite SG!! Thanks so much!! I love everything about Suicide Girls. Missy (the founder) has really helped to bring tatted hotties into pop culture, which is a beautiful thing. It tells the world that's its ok to just be yourself.. to be bold and bare and REAL. Sg is an amazing community. I have hommies all over the world via Suicide Girls. We also just did a burlesque reality show audition. It went well.. crossing my fingers and hoping to get ridiculous on reality tv with SG. lol


Well your a Dancer, Model, Performance Artist and all  around AWESOME person! 
What else do you enjoy doing in  your downtime? Reading? Movies? or?

What downtime?!!! haha I'm a workaholic because that's what makes me the happiest- performing. But, I love Netflix, Ilove my friends, vegan cooking, making costumes and meditating :) And being a FB nerd.

I've seen some of your Hula hoop videos on YouTube. And you do some amazing stuff!
How long have you been practicing with the Hula Hoop?

Ive been hooping for a few years. I'm in love with it! Then I started making hoops, selling em, setting em on fire, glow hoops, hooping in giant orbs!! Always gotta take it to the next level!!!


So out of all the Performance Art you do, Whats your favorite type to Perform?

I love any kind of performance when the audience "get's it".  Because that's the point... to inspire, to shock, to spread the love and the vibe. When the audience is open minded enough to be effected and to let go and just enjoy what i give to them. When they "get it" that's when i just want to BURST with a feeling of LOVE. This feeling is so addicting to me. I really enjoy being onstage with live bands as well.
 Its a beautiful exchange of energy. 

How many tattoo's do you have? and which ones are your favorite?

I always say "not enough!". I have so many planned. My favorites are the ones on my head (animal print) and my Buddha Hello Kitty. Also my R.I.P tattoo for my spider that passed away. 
She was a lover- and PINK! ( a rose hair tarantula).

Been to any Good concerts lately? and Whats some of your favorite live bands? 

I don't go to enough concerts dang it!! i should take time off to see some more shows. Plus Vegas is kind of weird for concerts.. a lot of cheese.  My favorite show I'd have to say was Tool. I wasn't a fan before I went. I got a free ticket from a friend so I decided to check it out. After the 1st song, I cried. They took my breathe away. Soooo good. I head banged til I couldn't move my neck. Also, The Slipknot concert @ Hard Rock Las Vegas was wicked!! I moshed from beginning of the opening band to the very last song of Slipknot's set! My body felt like a wet noodle gone through a garbage disposal, but hell with it! I had a blast! I later saw Brandon Lara (lead singer) gambling at a black jack table that night. 
He gave me a hi 5 and said nice moshn!!!!!

Do you have an official website where my readers can check you out? 

 Yes! Step into my world!! 

Dio era or Ozzy era Black Sabbath

Ozzy all the way!!! I've got nothing but respect and love for the Ozz Man! He's still goin'. 
What a badass!! Plus I have a lil' crush on Sharon :)

I always give those i interview the final word.
So if theres anything you'd like to share or anything you'd like to promote feel free! 
and thanks once again Bambu for the interview! 


Rock on fist pumpers and head bangers!!! I'll see you in the mosh pit!! 
And one day you will catch me live onstage with System of A Down. My Wildest Dream
A live suspension with them onstage would be outa this world!!
Big love to In Metal We Trust!!!! xoxo


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