Thursday, March 17, 2011

Burzum - Fallen 2011 - Review

Well I think we all know the history of Burzum, and if you don't I'm not 
about to give you a history lesson here.

Burzum is one of the most popular old school black metal
acts, and after 2010s amazing effort "Belus" I figured Varg was
going to take the black metal world by storm. Again.. 

While "Fallen" is a good Black Metal album it's IMO Inferior to
"Belus", He's going in a new direction here. Basically taking
what he did with "Belus" and running with it. You'll hear clean
vocals on this album. Spoken word parts, and even harmonies.

Tracks like "Jeg Faller" Have these varied vocal styles.
and to be honest while the music remains totally "Burzum-like"
The Spoken word parts, esp the parts where the music stops
and he speaks over the bass line. Just don't interest me to much.

While I enjoyed the album when i listened to it. I just found myself bored
In parts, Some tracks are good some are bad. I'm pretty torn here. 

While i was never a big fan of Burzums work before "Belus" was released.
Well a few tracks here and there held my attention. But i was never to much 
into Burzum. 

But that changed with "Belus" I thought it was an amazing record
and was actually my favorite album of 2010.

But the way he did things on "Fallen" Left me just. well not satisfied.
to atmospheric, to neat, and overall not my favorite Burzum release by far.

Now there are good things about the album of course! 
The riffing is VERY solid. Even melodic in parts. 
and his Black Metal voice is stronger than ever.
If only he would have stopped talking and continued
singing through the entire album. 

"Vanvidd" Is probably my favorite track off the album.
When he's in black metal mode on this track it makes
me feel the early days of Black Metal. "Not counting his spoken parts"

All in all it's a "decent" album. But i feel it's forgettable when 
compared to his older work.



Nice review. I do agree with you on a lot of points about Fallen. I've been a fan of Burzum's early black metal and later ambient albums, like you I loved Belus, it was an interesting direction for Varg to go in, not black metal but not ambient either. I don't know if there is an apt designation of metal to give Belus, other than 'good' :P

But Fallen...well I don't know it just seemed to be missing something. Some of the guitar parts are catchy, and it's not an awful album by any means, but IMO on a whole, the album didn't live up to my expectations.

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