Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wulfgar - Midgardian Metal 2010 - Review

Wulfgar is a band of no small fame. This Swedish Death metal
Outfit has been around the block and released one of my
favorite albums in 2007 (With Gods and Legends Unite)

(With Gods and Legends Unite) Was an amazing album Filled 
with Viking myth and tales of battle, And of course plenty
of Ale thrown in the mix! 

This Brings us to 2010, and the Release of Midgardian Metal.
Another blast of horned helmets and cleaving battle axes! 

Wulfgar gets compared to "Amon Amarth" Alot. But I've never
really understood the comparison. Really the only common
ground the two bands share is Lyrical content. and if that was 
enough to make a difference every metal band ever
would be black sabbath clones. 

Well alright let's dive head first into this Review.

Midgardian Metal came out in 2010 and they had a small 
lineup change. Max *The Guitarist" had left for personal
reasons, and there is some new blood on this record.

Reine Karlsson took Max's spot on the guitar. and that's one
of the first thing's you'll notice on this album. He has 
his own style and you can tell where his influence comes 
into play.

Reine and Jimmie Mattisson create an amazing guitar sound
together on this record. They showcase talent, yet remain
heavy. But it doesn't come off as pretentious or 
masturbatory.And it manages to retain the spirit of
the first record. 

The Vocals are a highpoint of the album. Ewil has an awesome
voice and it shows on this album. His growls don't sit
over the music like most vocals. They add something more.

His Unearthly screams, His deep guttural growls. He uses
a wide range of styles on the album. and they all rock the 
fuck out! 

The drums on the album are played by Thommy Lindskog and
he is actually slowly becoming one of my favorite drummers.

Not many drummers play with (Emotion) But Thommy fucking
nails it. He doesn't need to play brazenly fast
or fill the album with blasts beats to make his presence
known on this record.

His drumming has somewhat of a (Military) Feel to it. 
Like Marching drums or such. and it's done extremely well

Last and CERTAINLY not least is Morgan Löfstedt the bass
master general on this album. Man has some serious skills
and i always enjoy his work. But this also brings up one of my
Only problems with this entire album. 

His bass gets lost in the mix quite a few times on this 
album. I'd like to hear more of him and frankly sometimes
we don't have that chance. 

All in all Midgardian Metal is an amazing album and I highly
suggest you go out and buy it right now. you will not be 
sad about it! 


Would have been a perfect 10, But like i mentioned earlier.
The mixing is questionable on a few of the tracks and Morgan
is completely overshadowed by the rest of the music. Only on 
a few of the tracks though, Not all.

One other very small problem i had. The Track, Valkyria was released on 
a Compilation CD before this album came out. And i thought that version
was superior to the version on the actual album, Sound was a little muffled
and just didn't sound as (Clean) overall as the Previous version.


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